Hawaiian Lehua Honey
Hawaiian Lehua Honey
Hawaiian Lehua Honey
Hawaiian Lehua Honey
Hawaiian Lehua Honey
Hawaiian Lehua Honey
Hawaiian Lehua Honey
Hawaiian Lehua Honey

Hawaiian Lehua Honey

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A unique and delicate amber honey, born from the legendary Lehua blossoms on Hawaii's Big Island. Limited to 500 jars, the spreadable texture, distinct fragrance and floral notes of the honey make it a versatile delight, perfect for enhancing almost anything.

Pure, Natural Honey

Calories 64; Total Fat 0g; Sodium 0mg; Total Carbohydrates 17g; Total Sugars 16g; Protein 0g

The Nectar Of The Lehua Blossom

Our honey is derived from nectar of lehua blossoms. Central to Hawaiian culture and legend, the Lehua flower is as special as the love story it represents. This blossom imparts a distinctly floral flavor and fragrance to the honey.

From The Big Island Of Hawaii

Sourced from the Big Island’s pristine environment, this honey captures the essence of Hawaii's untamed beauty. The island’s rich volcanic soil and diverse climates create the ideal conditions for the Lehua blossom to thrive, imbuing the honey with its distinctive flavor.

Tasting notes

The honey features a delicate sweetness, with subtle floral hints — derived from the Lehua blossom's nectar. Its smooth, spreadable texture allows these flavors to linger. Beyond its taste, the honey's creamy, crystallized texture stands out, making it perfect for spreading. It glides effortlessly on any surface, from toast to crepes, enhancing your meals without overpowering them.

Only 500 Jars Reserved

Our Hawaiian Lehua Honey is not just rare; it's a treasure. Sourced from the isolated Ohia Lehua trees of Hawaii, this micro-lot offering is a testament to its quality.

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