Sourdough Bâtard
Sourdough Bâtard
Sourdough Bâtard
Sourdough Bâtard
Sourdough Bâtard
Sourdough Bâtard

Sourdough Bâtard

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As San Franciscans ourselves, we were uniquely qualified to find the best sourdough. After trying dozens of loaves, we landed on a clear winner. Our selection: a Sourdough Bâtard, baked fresh daily, a few doors down from our Bay Area distribution center.

We’re baking these to order. They’re so fresh that by the time they reach our shipping center — they’re too hot to touch. We flash-freeze them in minutes, and ship them immediately. The result: the most fresh and authentic sourdough on the market.

Bread flour
Wholewheat flour
Purified water
San Francisco sourdough starter
Sea salt

Defrost in the oven at 325°F until soft and fully thawed in the middle, 20 to 30 minutes.

The Essential Bakery in San Francisco

A bread is only as good as its baker. And our baker is as good as it gets.

Ricardo Huerto is a classically trained bread baker, with over 22 years of experience in San Francisco. If you work in premier restaurants in the Bay –– you know him, well. Because he’s been providing fresh-baked sourdough to the Bay Area’s michelin-starred restaurants for decades.

They love him for the same reasons we do: he takes an entirely natural approach to breadmaking. He never uses preservatives or dough conditioners, believing that real talent and high-quality ingredients don’t need either.

To us, he’s not just our baker –– but our neighbor. We’ve worked down the street from Ricardo for years, long smelling his fresh-baked creations each morning. Finally, we could no longer resist.

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