Bath Bundle
Bath Bundle
Bath Bundle
Bath Bundle
Bath Bundle
Bath Bundle
Bath Bundle
Bath Bundle

Bath Bundle

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1 x Turkish Bath Robe
1 x Turkish Bath Rug
1 x 2 Pack Turkish Bath Towel

Ultra plush. Extra long. Weighted.
Soft. Gets softer with use.

Aegean Cotton Loops
Every "premium" towel on the market is covered in thousands of tiny fabric loops - creating a sense of plushness, depth, and ultimately –– luxury. With the essential bath towel, we went further. We used exclusively long-staple Aegean Cotton on each loop –– the most sought after fabric in the world –– and made the loops 2X as long. The premium cotton and longer loops create a sense of softness like never before.

Turkish Cotton Base
When you think high-quality cotton –– you think Turkey. And if you know a lot about textiles –– you think the Aegean Sea. At the base of our towel is a single, extremely large piece of long-staple Turkish cotton. The durability of this piece speaks to the durability of the towel –– so we made it strong enough to last years of daily use, while soft enough to add to the plushness of the loops.

We extended the Aegean cotton loops as far as we could, adding tremendous depth and softness, and plushness to every inch of our towel. It’s a change you’ll notice every time you reach for it.

A little extra towel goes a long way. That's why our design team added a couple extra inches onto the length of our producer’s longest design, creating a piece of material that can completely swaddle a person of any size.

By fitting more material into every square inch, we were able to create a towel that feels bulkier and more substantial than anything on the market — and weighs in at an impressive 750 GSM. The challenge was to accomplish bulk without roughness. The answer? The World's Softest Cotton.

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