Cashmere Bundle
Cashmere Bundle
Cashmere Bundle
Cashmere Bundle
Cashmere Bundle
Cashmere Bundle

Cashmere Bundle

$95 $119 elsewhere

1 x Cashmere Beanie
1 x Cashmere Silk Scarf
1 x Italian Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere Beanie
Made with Cashmere from Inner Mongolia.
Yarn Spun in Italy. Hand-knit in Nepal.
Breathable, light & all-season warm.
Unlabeled minimalist design.
5 Gauge. 2 Ply.

Cashmere Silk Scarf
Made of semi-sheer delicate material.
Pure, super-fine silk. Grade A cashmere.
To be unbelievably soft to the touch.
Lightweight, breathable, airy.
Oversized and luxurious.

Italian Cashmere Sweater
The most luxurious sweater we've felt.
Made in Italy with 100% Eco Cashmere.
Supersoft. Extra cozy. Extra comfy.
Available in 5 essential shades.
Your skin says thank you.

50%-100% Cashmere
All cashmere wool comes from the same place — Mongolia. But the world's best cashmere yarn is spun in Italy. So that's all we use.

The difference is in the discernment. Italian cashmere craftsmen select only the highest quality raw material, discarding anything that does not meet their unrelenting standards. The result is cashmere worth investing in — remarkably soft, warm, and durable.

50% Pure Silk (Scarf)
Sourced exclusively from the cocoons of silkworms. Sourcing this silk is intensive and time consuming, but also worth it.

Ethically Made
As with any animal product — not all cashmere is sourced ethically. That's why we waited, intentionally, to bring cashmere to The Essential. We spent over a year researching cruelty-free cashmere farms. We can now promise that our cashmere is harvested, and crafted, to our notoriously high ethical standard.

100% GRS Certified Eco Cashmere (Sweater)
Made with 100% GRS certified eco cashmere. A supersoft blend of natural, recycled cashmere to promote a more circular industry.

100% Sustainable (Sweater)
The Essential Italian Cashmere Sweater is made in Italy with regenerated cashmere. Our master Italian tailors specialize in recycling every piece of fabric and textile used – truly promoting a sustainable product. Every sweater is made with the best quality cashmere that's also good for the planet. A win-win if you ask us.

Really good cashmere is three things: shockingly soft, meaningfully warm, and light as air. Our ultra-light high quality eco-cashmere is perfect for a sweater because it’s low density construction keeps it breathable — keeping you warm, but never too warm.

Super Simple Design
A chic round-neck and slightly relaxed fit make this sweater a timeless addition to any closet.

Wrinkle + Odor Blocking
Natural fibers have a lot of benefits. Our favorites — they tend to resist wrinkles and absorb fewer odors.

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