Chicken Mole Poblano
Chicken Mole Poblano
Chicken Mole Poblano
Chicken Mole Poblano

Chicken Mole Poblano

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The Chicken Mole Poblano is a symphony of flavors, with each ingredient adding a unique layer of depth. The combination of chilis, chocolate, nuts, and bread crumbs creates a rich and complex sauce that perfectly complements the tender and juicy chicken. A true taste of Puebla in every bite.

Cook from frozen or thaw overnight in refrigerator.

Cook for 4–5 minutes if frozen or 3–4 minutes if thawed. Cooking time may vary depending on wattage.

Steam for 25 minutes if frozen or 15 minutes if thawed.

Preheat oven to 400°F. Cook for 20 minutes if frozen or 15 minutes if thawed.

Yellow onion, Tomato, Pasilla chili, Guajillo chili, French Bread, Chocolate, Plantain, Peanuts, Almond, Wall Nut, Pumpkin seed, Sesame Seed, Raisin, Oregano, Laurel, Cinnamon, Cumin, Water, Sugar, Canola oil, Garlic, Salt, Chicken.

How does it ship?
This product ships frozen with dry ice. Do NOT touch dry ice with your bare hands under any condition as it can easily burn skin.

When will it ship?
Most orders placed will ship the same day, or the following day at the latest.

What is the shelf life?
All Essential food products have a shelf life of up to 6 months.

The Tamale Maker in San Francisco

Alicia Villanueva started making tamales in Mazatlan, Mexico. She moved to the US in 2001 and was inspired by its diverse culture. In 2010, she started her tamale business, Tamales Los Mayas, through La Cocina in San Francisco. She sold 1500 tamales in her first day at a food festival. Today, she runs a 6,000 sq ft factory with 14 employees, using local and organic ingredients. Alicia's goal is to create opportunities and have a positive impact. When you eat her tamales, she wants you to feel like family.

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