Chicken & Rice Jook
Chicken & Rice Jook
Chicken & Rice Jook
Chicken & Rice Jook

Chicken & Rice Jook


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Hearty and satisfying traditional Korean dish- minimal ingredients, bursting with home style flavor.

Defrost overnight, place in microwave. Puncture bag 2-3 times or cut a small part of the bag and reheat for 4-6 minutes on a plate.

Defrost overnight, remove food from the bag. Place into a pot heat until thoroughly heated. May add some water if consistency is too thick.

From Frozen- Sous vide (in a bag): Drop bag into pot of boiling water for 10-12 minutes. Cut food out of the bag and serve.

To Serve: Top with sesame oil and chopped scallions.

Chicken, white rice, salt, sugar, carrots.

Calories 153
Total Fat 2.8g
Sodium 145mg
Total Carbohydrates 20.1g
Sugar 1.4g
Protein 10.5g


The Korean Restaurant in San Francisco

Swimming in accolades from busy San Franciscan’s, Hwaro has made a name for itself in the Bay Area Korean food scene. Ina Lee moved from Korea 2010 to work in the city and soon realized how much she missed the homestyle Korean cuisine from her childhood. In 2013 she started her first fast-casual Korean restaurant, and in 2017 moved her mother, An and her brother Ryan over to help create the delicious dishes that comprise Hwaro. Hwaro’s food invites you into a traditional Korean home, where mom cooks flavorful classics with love and care.

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