Black Garlic Chili Oil
Black Garlic Chili Oil
Black Garlic Chili Oil
Black Garlic Chili Oil
Black Garlic Chili Oil
Black Garlic Chili Oil
Black Garlic Chili Oil
Black Garlic Chili Oil

Black Garlic Chili Oil

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Made from 35-day, expertly preserved black garlic and a combination of fresh and dried chilis.

Black garlic adds a hint of complexity to the chili-and-spice infused oil. Together, they form a chili oil that floods any dish with and elevates the flavor to another level.

Black garlic is a wonderfully complex ingredient with a taste that doesn’t really compare to anything else. A 35-day curing and aging process turns garlic into something magical. Not only is it a flavor booster, black garlic is a superfood that boasts health properties incredibly sought after in East Asian countries. Packed full of antioxidants, immune boosters, and flavor, black garlic is just better.

We know– better than garlic? Just trust us.

A centuries-old technique from traditional Chinese cuisine that’s finally getting the global buzz it deserves. Chili oil has won nicknames like “the godmother sauce” and “condiment of the year” from Epicurious, Baum and Whiteman, and more. Commercially adapted by celebrity chefs and fan-favorite restaurants all over the globe. Shared and posted all over social media. Try what the world’s been craving– right from your home.

Canola oil
Black garlic
Fresh chilis
Dried red chili flakes
Other spices


James and his wife had an idea 12 years ago. He was a seasoned professional in the restaurant industry, and his wife a researcher. She introduced him to what the benefits of a ketogenic diet could provide. Fast forward to 2022– James and his wife perfected their techniques and recipes– and it’s clear in their ghee. James and his wife’s combination of pure culinary ingenious, knowledge, and research on South Asian, Indian, Spanish, and French cuisine makes their ghee truly special.

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