Cookware Bundle
Cookware Bundle
Cookware Bundle
Cookware Bundle
Cookware Bundle
Cookware Bundle
Cookware Bundle
Cookware Bundle
Cookware Bundle
Cookware Bundle
Cookware Bundle
Cookware Bundle
Cookware Bundle
Cookware Bundle

Cookware Bundle

$159 $199 elsewhere

1 x Japanese Chef Knife
1 x Cutting Board
1 x Linen Apron
1 x 5-Ply Frying Pan
1 x 5-Ply Sauce Pan
1 x Set of 4 Cooking Utensils

Japanese Chef Knife
The World's Most Versatile Blade.
Ultralight. Insanely thin. Remarkably sharp.
Made by a 150-year old Japanese Mill.
As a single piece of sculpted steel.

Cutting Board
Carved by Amish Craftsmen in Freeport, PA.
North American Hard Rock Maple.
Extra Large. Ultra Sturdy.
Edge Grain.

Linen Apron
The only apron a home chef could ever need.
Made exclusively with 100% French Linen.
In our classic shade — Slate.
Crafted to last a lifetime.

5-Ply Frying Pan
A Chef's-grade Pan For Home.
Five Ply.
Full Stainless Steel.

5-Ply Sauce Pan
A pro-grade Kitchen Workhorse
304 Grade Stainless Steel Body.
5 Ply. 3 Quart.

Cooking Utensils
The Only Cooking Utensils You Need.
Spatula. Spoon. Tongs. Whisk.
304 Grade Steel + Silicone.
Designed By Our Chefs.
Dishwasher safe. Heat resistant.
Scratch-free. Non-porous.

Japanese Chef Knife
A Single Piece of High-carbon Steel
Our knife is a single piece of high-carbon steel, polished expertly so the handle and blade have a complete different feel and effect. A unique wet-grinding makes the blade shinier, thinner and sharper than any knife on your countertop— while a matte metallic brushing gives the handle natural traction and a velvety hand-feel. Making it much longer-lasting and easily recyclable.

Cutting Board
North American Hard Rock Maple
Made entirely with Hard Rock Maple, grown and harvested in Northern Maine. This wood is the perfect choice for cutting boards –– because it’s durable and strong. Using this wood ensures this cutting board will last forever.

1450 Janka
Woods are rated based on the Janka Hardness Scale. North American a remarkable 1,450 — meaning that it's impact and scratch resistant, without ever dulling your knives. In other words, this cutting board will last a lifetime — and so will your knives.

Linen Apron
The Best Linen in the World — We’re using exclusively 100% French linen from Normandy in each set of Essential linens. The most celebrated and sought-after linen in the world. Craftsmen from north and central Europe send their completed flax linen to our bedding makers in Europe and Asia, creating a seamless process from fabric — to your bed.

5-Ply Frying Pan + 5-Ply Sauce Pan
Full Stainless Steel Body
A really good frying pan should last a lifetime - and ours will. The entire body of our pan is hand-made with polished, reflective stainless steel - down to the rivets. We used exclusively 304 Grade stainless steel because it lasts a lifetime and goes anywhere — from an industrial stovetop, to a baking oven, to the dishwasher. No erosion. No rust. Ever.

Nothing Toxic
Cookware is a dirty business. Most pans on the market are coated with toxins you’d never want near your food. That’s why we made a pan that is free of toxic coating and paint. Instead, the entire pan is made out of anti-microbial stainless steel - a material that is entirely non-porous, making it easy to clean and sanitize.

Cooking Utensils
Pro Cooking-Grade Silicone Head
Every Essential chef we spoke to uses utensils made from high-grade steel and silicone tools — because they're the only materials that make sense in the kitchen. Our high-grade silicone is:

Non-porous — staying free from cooking odors and colors
Temperature resistant — up to 450 Fahrenheit
Scratch-free — looks brand new, every time
Dishwasher safe — without hassle

Extra-long Ergonomic Steel Handle
There are a lot of utensils on the market — wood. bamboo. plastic.
And then there's steel. Wood burns. Bamboo splits. Plastic melts. Steel lasts.

Japanese Chef Knife
Introducing Gyuto — The World's Most Versatile Blade
The Gyuto is the Japanese version of the Western Chef knife. It also happens to be the most versatile blade shape there is.

The pointed blade tip of the Gyuto is good for precision cuts or working in tight spaces. The relatively flat heel section of the blade is excellent for ‘rock chopping’. It is tall enough to provide full surface contact with the knuckles when ‘tap chopping’ with the middle or tip of the blade. Finally, any portion of the blade can be utilized to either ‘push cut’, or ‘pull cut’. In other words, throw out your knives. ​The Gyuto is all you really need.

Cutting Board
Edge Grain
Our cutting board utilizes a classic edge grain — the standard for all cutting boards on the market. It's the standard for good reason — it's insanely durable and totally flat. It's also stunning — edge grain boards don't hide the wood they're cut from. Across the entire handmade piece — the North America maple is on full display.

Extra Large
We made our cutting board slightly larger than most boards on the market — so you can use it for anything. From holidays to day-to-day food prep, this is the only cutting board you’ll ever need.

Ultra Stable
The edge-grain construction makes the surface of the board much flatter. Careful handmade craftsmanship ensures that even the mildest irregularities are sanded out. And a thicker-than-usual maple wood slab ensures that the board never contorts, twists, bends or becomes unstable.

We intentionally left out branding, notches and grooves. Not only does that make the board stronger, it also makes it reversible. Meaning that you can cut, stab and scratch away for years — only to find another pristine cutting board waiting for you on the other end.

Linen Apron
Introducing Slate
We didn’t just select a color from a list of available options — we made something entirely new. We worked with our supplier in Seattle to test several different shades of grey. Finally, we landed on the perfect color for Essential's Silk Pillow— Slate. It’s a quintessential and iconic dark grey. Slate hides blemishes and stains beautifully and matches with nearly everything in the home.

Extra Large
We made our apron a bit larger — 2.5 ft long X 2 ft wide. A little extra goes a long way, covering everything down to your knees and wrapping almost all the way around.

Deep Front Pockets
We gave our apron a deep, split front pocket. The pocket is large enough to hold spatulas, paintbrushes, cellphones and any other tools of your trade.

5-Ply Frying Pan
Five Ply Construction
Our pan has five layers of metal: two of stainless steel, two of pure aluminum, and one of aluminum alloy. The five-ply construction kills hotspots, and provides better heat conductivity, retention and resistance up to 500F. That means a hotter and more consistently heated pan that gives you much more precise temperature control — important if you're cooking something delicate or frying something that needs oil to be heated consistently.

Supple Steel Handle
We designed a supple grip, super-polished steel handle that feels as good as it looks. We masterfully engineered it to distribute weight evenly, and avoided angles and hard edges — making it insanely comfortable to hold. Comes in handy when you're grilling a 16oz steak or flipping a pancake and don't want things to go flying.

Anti Drip Edge
Splattering and leaking detract from good cooking - so we eliminated them. Our frying pan has an anti-drip edge - with tapered sides at a gradual angle and a bevelled rim. The result? Oils don’t splatter - instead being caught by, and slowly dripping into, the pan.

Oven & Dishwasher Safe
Great frying pans don’t just exist in pictures - they exist in your kitchen. We planned for that. It’s oven safe, dishwasher safe, non-stick, and works on any stovetop.

5-Ply Sauce Pan
Five Ply Construction
Made by bonding 5 layers of metal. Each additional layer improves the function and lifespan of the pan, allowing the sauce pan to get hotter faster and spread the heat more evenly — resulting in super-precise temperature control and perfectly-cooked sauce (every time).

Finished with a Lid
We liked it so much, we put a stainless steel lid on it. Designed to fit securely on the pan's edge, our lid heats your food faster, prevents splatter, and makes the pan more versatile — allowing you to blanche, steam, and boil faster.

Supple Steel Ergonomic Handle
We obsessed over this handle. For months. We made it longer — so you could flip, toss, and sizzle food with ease. We made it cool-to-the touch, no matter what. We made it stronger, so you could take the pressure off your wrist — letting physics do most of the work for you. If a perfect handle exists, this is it.

The Right Angle Lip
We selected a right (90°) angle for the edge of this pan — giving the lid a tighter seal, making spills rare and achieving a clean and modern aesthetic.

Cooking Utensils
Chosen by our chefs
Designed with the culinary mindset of mise en place (everything in its right place), this set was made for durability and versatility.

You'll never need to upgrade –– because an upgrade does not exist. These utensils work for everything (baking, cooking, and preparing), last forever (without rusting or warping) and get the job (no other tools needed).

Designed To Look Good and Last Long
There isn't a right angle to be found. The long, straight lines of each utensil blend into gradual curves and are finished with rounded edges.

We avoided edges and sharp ridges in search of comfort. We selected extra-long handles for each flipping. We made it beautiful –– from every angle.

Introducing Essential Slate
We completed each piece in our newest hue — Essential Slate. We chose this charcoal-gray because it's near impossible to stain and looks good no matter what.

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