Soft Cooler Bag
Soft Cooler Bag
Soft Cooler Bag
Soft Cooler Bag
Soft Cooler Bag
Soft Cooler Bag
Soft Cooler Bag
Soft Cooler Bag

Soft Cooler Bag

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Light, spacious, portable and extremely effective, this might be the most versatile cooler in the world.

Made with an 840D construction, a puncture-resistant fabric and a waterproof zipper, this cooler is virtually indestructible.

An EVA-foam insulation makes it so light that is floats. An extra roomy interior and a wide mouth allow it to easily fit 20 cans. A 3-layer insulation keeps them cold for at least 24 hours and up to 3 days.

Take it anywhere from national park adventures to backyard BBQs. Do anything from camping, rafting, fishing or partying.

Double Coated 840D Construction: Each of our Cooler Bags is constructed from double-sided 840D thermoplastic urethane. We use this strong material to prevent damage and warping, even in extreme conditions. It also protects from UV rays or punctures from the outside.

Ultralight Foam Insulation: Our Cooler Bag is filled on all sides with a copolymer foam. We use it for (a few) key reasons. The foam absorbs impact, insulates heat and cool, and repels moisture, perfectly. While this foam adds insulation, it doesn’t add weight — making our Soft Cooler Bags easy to carry.

EVA Bottom: Our Cooler Bags come equipped with a sturdy EVA bottom, allowing you to set it anywhere — without worry.

Airtight Zipper: Our specialty zippers make each bag leak proof and waterproof, while holding in cold air.

Ribbon Grid Straps: Our unique straps add meaningful functionality to each bag, allowing you to attach things like lanterns, bottle openers, camping luggage.

Takes a beating: Puncture, tear and UV resistant material. Leakproof, waterproof and airtight zipper.

Fits 20 Cans: Comfortably holds up to twenty 12 oz. cans of your favorite beer, soda, seltzer, or water. At the same time, a widemouth opening makes all the cans easily accessible.

Stays cold longer: A 3-layer insulation (BPA-free) makes a huge difference in preventing all heat exchange. The result: our Cooler Bag successfully keeps food or drinks cool for at least 24 hours and up to 3 days under the right conditions.

Cleans easily: Simply wipe clean with a wet soapy towel at the end of each trip.

Comes in Cement + Sea: The outside of our Soft Cooler Bag comes in The Essential Cement. On the inside, meet: Essential Sea— a new, bright blue inspired by the Pacific ocean. It’s not just bright and beautiful — it’s also functional. The light outside absorbs less heat and the cooler inside keeps the items inside your Soft Cooler Bag colder for longer.

Length 18.5"
Height 11.5"
Width 10.5"

Soft Cooler Bag

The most versatile cooler we found.

Indestructible outside.
Waterproof & airtight inside.
Weighs so little it floats.
Stays cold for 3 days
Fits 20 cans.

Can Take A Beating

Constructed with double sided 840D thermoplastic, secured with a sturdy EVA bottom, made of puncture-resistant fabric and sealed with a waterproof zipper.

Translation — take it anywhere and do anything. Camp, raft, hunt, fish, party, boat, and beach, without worry.

Weighs Almost Nothing

Our Soft Cooler Bag is filled on all sides with EVA foam. We use it for (a few) key reasons. EVA foam absorbs impact, insulates heat and cool, and repels moisture — all while being so light that it actually floats.

Stays Cold For Up To Three Days

We use a 3-layer insulation material to prevent heat exchange. We painted the outside Cement (our light gray that absorbs almost no heat) and the insides in Sea — a new bright blue that stays cooler. Finally, we closed it with an airtight zipper that keeps the cold air in and hot air out.

The result: our Soft Cooler Bag keeps the goods cold for at least 24 hours and — under the right conditions — 3 days.

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