Greek Leather Sandals
Greek Leather Sandals
Greek Leather Sandals
Greek Leather Sandals
Greek Leather Sandals
Greek Leather Sandals
Greek Leather Sandals
Greek Leather Sandals

Greek Leather Sandals

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Color Slate
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Designed in Athens, the essential sandal is somehow both timeless and trendy.

Cut, sewn and stitched by hand in limited batches of 100, no two pairs look exactly alike. Made exclusively of genuine cowhide leather, the strap and insole conform just to your foot and age gracefully.

A minimalist Greek design of just two sharp and dense parallel lines make this sandal modern, versatile and perfect for the summer.

Offered at a tenth of the price.

Designed to be lived in. A classic design that is a perfect balancing act. Undeniably iconic but still in-vogue. Visually stunning and still very wearable.


Minimalist Greek design with stark, dense lines.
Just two parallel straps — a minimal upper & rounded toe loop.
Offered in just one shade — The Essential Slate
No logos or graphics anywhere
Timeless, yet trendy design

Bare, material-light and ultra-breathable.
Anti-slip rubber soles make it beach, sidewalk and tile-friendly.
Hand-stitching makes it robust and last longer.

Made with smooth cowhide leather, the sandal is buttery soft and gets softer with age. Natural materials and expert hand-craftsmanship give each pair a different grain and stitch.

Insole and upper crafted from cowhide leather.
Outsole made from recyclable rubbers for an anti-slip grip.
Vegetable dyed and chemical free.
Individually produced in bespoke batches.

This is a uniquely crafted product made by multi generational artisans.

Each unit is made by hand in Athens, Greece.
Only 100 made with this design.
Ready to ship from the US.

Size Guide

The Essential Greek Leather Sandal runs true to size and is available only in full European sizes. Please pick your normal size. If you wear a half-size, please pick the next available full size. Here is a general guide to converting EU sizes to US sizes:

Currently, the sandal is available only in sizes 35 -42. We will be introducing larger, mens sizes soon.

Greek Leather Sandals

The Quintessential Summer Sandal
Designed and handmade in Athens

With genuine cowhide leather

And minimalist Greek design
In limited batches of 100
At a tenth of the price

Made in Athens, Greece

Designed, hand cut, sewn &
stitched by the Gulf of Corinth.

By multi-generational artisans.

Made With Genuine Cowhide Leather

Real leather — from insole to strap
Chemical-free & vegetable dyed in
just one color — Essential Slate.

Stark Minimalist Design

A TikTok-trendy yet timeless Greek design.

Just a minimal upper and rounded toe loop.
In two sharp and dense parallel lines.
Minimalist. Modern. Versatile.
Perfect for the summer.

The Same Quality. For Less.

The Essential Greek Leather Sandal

Price $37
Country of origin Greece
Material Leather
Same Design

Common Projects Leather Minimalist Sandal

Price $440
Country of origin Italy
Material Leather
Same Design

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