Pasture-Raised Ground Pork
Pasture-Raised Ground Pork
Pasture-Raised Ground Pork
Pasture-Raised Ground Pork

Pasture-Raised Ground Pork


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Our butcher's custom ground pork combines shoulder meat with Klingeman Farms' signature hard white back fat for a ground pork rich in flavor and texture.

Beyond sustainably farming – our butcher is sustainably sourcing. Our butcher works alongside independent farms to introduce their meats to new markets. They then go a step beyond, by meaningfully investing in the success of family-owned ranches up and down the West Coast. They advise the small farms they partner with on heritage breeding, feed selection, the logistics of humane slaughter, and efficient distribution. Our farms are audited, annually, by CCOF Organic, Land to Market™ Regenerative, Certified Humane, Non-GMO Project Verified, and American Grass-fed and Grass-finished.

We're working with the butcher that is revolutionizing the meat industry. Cliff Pollard and his team of craftsmen are taking the focus off lowering prices and standards and putting the focus on animal welfare, independent ranching and protecting the planet. Cliff and his team have been working with his team to improve the industry for over a decade. Working exclusively with sustainable, regenerative and family owned farms. Now based in Oakland, California, they are reinvesting in their local community, while creating the unconventional meat movement.

The Pork Ranch in Ephrata

Klingeman Family Farms is located in Ephrata, Washington. They are Non-GMO Project Verified, and are the first ranch in the US to receive the Food Alliance Certification for sustainability and humane animal treatment.

These pigs are special as they have been specially bred for generations so their meat is lean, but slightly marbled, and have an explosive flavor and texture that is moist and juicy. Their diet consists of barley-rich mix of European fine grains that yields cleaner, harder fat cap than conventional corn and soy-finished pork. They are 100% free of corn and soy-based products, antibiotics, hormones, and animal by-products.

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