Hamachi Collar
Hamachi Collar
Hamachi Collar
Hamachi Collar
Hamachi Collar
Hamachi Collar

Hamachi Collar

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The secret cut. Most people see the fish collar and immediately think waste. But there is a reason why our fishmonger Adrian is taking this cut home for themself.

The Hamachi Collar is the secret cut of fish that's quickly becoming not so secretive anymore. Located behind the head but before the fillet, this cut is fatty and meaty. Cooked- it's rich but light. A little sweet, and so incredibly buttery. The cut that chefs are looking for in their fish.

Broil, bake, put into a stew. Only three other ingredients needed. The collar of the fish is as forgiving as it is delicious. It just so happens to be the best part of the fish.


Roast or BBQ simply with salt and pepper. Enjoy juicy cut over rice to soak up all of the released fats and oils

Pairs great with an American IPA or a minerally Austrian White

The Chefs Turned Fishmongers

Our fishermen, Ismael & Adrian, didn't start on the water. They started in the kitchen. As professional chefs, they were disappointed by the quality of seafood available to their restaurants. They began seeking out the best seafood in the world, often found on the Pacific Coast. So, they took to the sea — sourcing seafood that was sweet, pristine, and ready to eat. The kind that professional chefs and home chefs would both adore.

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