The Essential

Cutting Board

17 x 12 x 1"
3 weeks

The Essential Cutting Board

Carved by Amish Craftsmen in Freeport, PA.
North American Hard Rock Maple.
Extra Large. Ultra Sturdy.
Edge Grain.

North American Hard Rock Maple

Hard Rock Maple, grown and harvested in Northern Maine, is theperfectwood for cutting boards. Woods are rated based on the Janka Hardness Scale. North American a remarkable 1,450 — meaning that it's impact and scratch resistant, without ever dulling your knives. In other words, this cutting board will last forever — and so will your knives.

Edge Grain

Our cutting board utilizes a classic edge grain — the standard for all cutting boards on the market. It's the standard for good reason — it's insanely durable and totally flat.

It's also stunning —edge grain boards don't hide the wood they're cut from. Across the entire handmade piece, the North America maple is on full display.

Extra Large. Ultra Sturdy.

We crafted our cutting board to last a lifetime. That meant making it slightly larger than most boards on the market — so you can use it foranything. We made the board perfectly stable by choosing the right cut of wood and precise workmanship.