Slow Cured Duck Breast
Slow Cured Duck Breast
Slow Cured Duck Breast
Slow Cured Duck Breast
Slow Cured Duck Breast
Slow Cured Duck Breast

Slow Cured Duck Breast

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All natural, certified humane Hudson Valley Magret Moulard duck breast that has been slow cured in Sicilian sea salt and red wine.

How to Slice:

Our cured duck breast can be sliced in both lengthwise and along the bias. If you choose to slice the duck with a knife, we recommend slicing the duck breasts very thin along the shorter end of the breast. If you have a slicer, you can also slice the cured duck breast on the lowest setting of your slicer.

How to Serve:

For the best flavor, serve at room temperature. You can also get creative by dicing the cured duck breast, sautéing it, and adding it to a dish.

Hudson Valley duck breast, Trapani Sicilian sea salt, red wine, Telicherry black peppers, sodium nitrite and nitrate.

Serving Size 1oz

Calories 145; Total Fat 13g; Sodium 330mg; Total Carbohydrates 0g; Total Sugars 0g; Protein 8g

The Salumeria in Chicago

Greg Laketek quit his day job and booked a one-way ticket to Parma, Italy, the home of Prosciutto, seeking to train under the best salumerie in the world. By chance, he was able to directly learn the ins and outs of the protected secrets of Italian Salumi. Utilizing superior quality spices, meats and curing methods rooted in the old world, and distributing through Move, Greg is bringing premium cuts of Italian quality meats to everyone.

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