The Essential

Ergonomic Office Chair


We've created a chair that encapsulates everything you're looking for.

Ergonomic — feel better at 5PM than at 9AM.
Economical — sold at cost well below market.
Elegant — looks right at home, in yours.

8D Adjustable

Adjustable Headrest Swivel Angle & Height

Adjustable Lumbar Support

Adjustable Armrest Angle

Adjustable Armrest Width & Level

Adjustable Seat Length

Adjustable Tilt

Synchronized Movement

You may have never heard of synchronized movement before.
For office chairs — it's a game changer.

It's simple: as you lean back, the seat gently slides forward. 
This means that the lumbar support always stays in place.
You never place undue weight on your lower back.

Materials That Last A Career

This office chair it's just the perfect chair — it's the forever chair.
We made it with materials that will last a career. Or two.

Polymer Bits — keeps the top light, without sacrificing strength.
Molded Foam Cushion — forms to your body & gets better with time.
Aluminum Alloy Base — incredibly sturdy & intentionally heavy.
Fabric Mesh — more breathable, so you stay cool.