The Essential

Leather Duffle Bag


The most stunning duffle we've seen.

Whole Grain American Leather
Handmade in Houston, TX.
Made for a lifetime.

Full Grain Leather

Special compartment

Removable shoulder strap

Leather Luggage tag

Pockets inside

Brass studs and industrial strength zippers

Built for a Lifetime

True full grain leather, craftedwell, doesn't just last a while — it gets better with each use. The wear of your trips, connections, and luggage will soften it, and mold it exactly to your needs. The stitching will keep up throughdecades because it's handmade by the most talented leather craftsmen in Texas. Brass studs and industrial strength zippers can take years of baggage carousels and crammed overhead bins.

Ethically Sourced Leather

Leather is a dirty business. In some communities — sourcing hide is synonymous with mistreatment and abuse. Both of animals and artisans.

That's why, for our leather, we are working exclusively with U.S. based suppliers and craftsmen — personally ensuring that all hide is ethically sourced from farms that meet or exceed our humane standards.