The Essential

Standing Desk


A single desk that offers everything.

Precise— down to the centimeter
Smooth — moves effortlessly and quietly
Stable — whether stationary or moving
Stunning–– at a fraction of the cost.

Made to last a career.

Centimeter Level Adjustment

A conveniently placed planel allows you to fine tune your desk, down the exact centimeter height you'd like.

Memory Key

Our control panel includes four member presets —which automatically, and quickly, adjusts the desk to the levels of your preference. Start the day at a "4" — lunch at a "3" — afternoon coffee at a "2" and wind down at a "1"

Quiet Motors

Our motors are ultra-quiet, moving swiftly and smoothly to your preferred position. Each desk includes two motors, both operating near-silently.

Anti Collision Protection

We included a smart system, that automatically detects when an outlet or cord gets in the way. Instead of continuing and destroying, the desk will wait for the obstruction to be removed.

Center Grommet

Our discreet center grommet allows for easy wire organization. It sneakily hides the mess of cords behind your monitor, so you can optimize your focus. Instead of being distracted, we've crafted a minimal and peaceful work space. 

Three Stage Columns + Wide leveling feet

Nothing is more important than stability: for your notes, accessories, and technology. That's why we designed this desk with three columns and wide, leveling feet –– so it would never tip or sway.

Synchronized Movement

We included two, ultra-quiet, motors to allow for fast and smooth movement — without distraction. We included smart controls to allow for centimeter-level precision, plus a memory key that gives you quick access to your preferred heights.

We designed the desk to grow with you and your style.