Turmeric Pepper Ghee
Turmeric Pepper Ghee
Turmeric Pepper Ghee
Turmeric Pepper Ghee

Turmeric Pepper Ghee

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A more complex — yet still quintessentially Indian — take on ghee. Made by infusing our original ghee with turmeric and spicing it slightly with peppers, this version is our most fragrant and flavor-forward.

Like any ghee, our turmeric pepper ghee is ridiculously versatile. Sear your steak, chicken, and fish. Make a compound butter. Spread it on toast. Bake with it. Or eat it by the spoonful. The uses are endless.

In particular, this flavor helps add complex spice and aroma to every dish it touches.

Frying, roasting, and sautéing meats and vegetables.
As a condiment on both savory and sweet dishes.
As a spread on toast and bagels.

Keto and paleo friendly, ghee is rich in Omega-3s, linoleum acid, and fat soluble vitamins such as Vitamin A, D, and E. This supports a healthier heart and immune function.

Serving Size 1 Tsp
Calories 42
Protein 0g
Fat 5g

Clarified Butter
Cracked Pepper


James and his wife had an idea 12 years ago. He was a seasoned professional in the restaurant industry, and his wife a researcher. She introduced him to what the benefits of a ketogenic diet could provide. Fast forward to 2022– James and his wife perfected their techniques and recipes– and it’s clear in their ghee. James and his wife’s combination of pure culinary ingenious, knowledge, and research on South Asian, Indian, Spanish, and French cuisine makes their ghee truly special.

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