Whole Pekin Duck
Whole Pekin Duck
Whole Pekin Duck
Whole Pekin Duck
Whole Pekin Duck
Whole Pekin Duck
Whole Pekin Duck
Whole Pekin Duck
Whole Pekin Duck
Whole Pekin Duck

Whole Pekin Duck

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Heritage breed White Pekin Duck. Sourced from a heritage farm in North Carolina – our Pekin (breed) duck is less gamy, more tender, and more flavorful than any other.

Milder on the palette, Pekin duck boasts a clean, distinct flavor that shines in roasts, braises, and confits. That's what makes it perfect for Beijing Style Roast Duck or Peking Duck (dish). Confusing? Yes. Delicious? Bigger Yes.

As versatile as it is delicious – Confit in duck fat for the most decadent date-night bite. Roast in the oven with traditional marinades to make one of the most popular traditional foods of Lunar New Year. For the advanced home cook, take a stab at Peking Duck – a mainstay in Chinese barbecue windows, and infamous for its shatteringly crisp skin and tender meat.

Beyond sustainable farming – our butcher is sustainably sourcing. Our butcher works alongside independent farms to introduce their meats to new markets.

They then go a step beyond, by meaningfully investing in the success of family-owned ranches up and down the West Coast. They advise the small farms they partner with on heritage breeding, feed selection, the logistics of humane slaughter, and efficient distribution.

The farms are audited, annually, by CCOF Organic, Land to Market™ Regenerative, Certified Humane, Non-GMO Project Verified, and American Grass-fed and Grass-finished.

Lunar New Year's Favorite Dishes

Soon, Lunar New Year celebrations will take over every aspect of daily life across Asia. From dishes served at family dinner, to games played with friends, to decor streamed across the street. It's everywhere. Our favorite way to celebrate stateside? Radically authentic food.

Starting with the legend itself. The perfect Pekin duck.

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