Winter Bedding Bundle
Winter Bedding Bundle
Winter Bedding Bundle
Winter Bedding Bundle
Winter Bedding Bundle
Winter Bedding Bundle
Winter Bedding Bundle
Winter Bedding Bundle

Winter Bedding Bundle

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1 x Heavyweight Down Duvet
1 x Vietnamese Silk Sheet Set
1 x Cashmere Throw Blanket

Heavyweight Down Duvet
Our Most Premium Duvet Yet.
Hutterite Farms Goose Down.
100% Cotton Sateen Shell.
Heavy. Luxurious. Cozy.
750 Fill Power.

Vietnamese Silk Sheet Set
A New Sheet Set + Comforter.
Made from the world’s best silk.
22MM Mulberry Silk from Vietnam.
Smoother than every other fabric.
Softer than cotton or linen.
Better for skin and hair.

Cashmere Throw Blanket
The most luxurious blanket we've ever felt.
100% Cashmere. Spun entirely in Italy.
Hand-knit in Kathmandu, Nepal.
Available in two iconic shades.

Heavyweight Down Duvet
Hutterite Farms Goose Down
Hutterite-raised geese are among the best on the market for down –– world renowned for their quality. They’re never exposed to growth hormones nor over-fed, and instead naturally grow to maturity — with freedom to roam. The result: down feature that is longer, fuller, and loftier.

Long Staple Cotton Sateen Shell
You'll notice we really like long-staple cotton. The longer threads allow the craftsmen to take some liberties, making for a dramatically softer blanket that doesn't bunch up and never gets too hot.

Hypoallergenic & Antimicrobial
Not all down products are treated with anti-microbial and not all our hypoallergenic – ours is. That means dogs, kids, and anything else you’d like is welcome on the bed without worries.

Down is an inherently sustainable material. It is naturally occurring and compostable, and all by-products from Down processing are also biodegradable. All of this together means that own has the lowest carbon footprint of all insulating materials.

By never live plucking, we save thousands of birds from needless suffering.

Downmark Certified
The gold standard for authentic down, the Downmark® label certifies that our partner has complied with stringent quality assurance requirements, meaning that the product you are about to purchase is made with genuine, high-quality Down.

Vietnamese Silk Sheet Set
Bombyx Mori Silk
Our Silk Sheet Set is made from the best Silk in the world – made completely from the undisputed, best quality silk in the world – Bombyx Mori. Farmed sustainably, harvested ethically, and manufactured by expert silk-workers that are leading the silk industry in South East Asia.

22 Momme
Not all silk is the same. Silk can vary in thickness, density, and other properties that can affect the quality of silk. Momme is a unit of measurement that describes the weight and density of silk. A higher momme indicates more strands of silk in a yard of fabric – indicating a denser and heavier product. 22-Momme is perfect – it’s just the right weight for bedding and clothing without being too heavy or too light.

From The Farm
We care about your health - we keep the silk production and dyeing in small batches, and no bleach or chemicals is used. We only use our signature hand loomed silk which is organic and sustainable silk, made from our dedicated silk farms in Vietnam.

Expertly Crafted
From start to finish, it is a multi-step process with our artisans specializes in different stages of crafting a hand sewn blanket: creating the grid frame, tracing motif to fabric, tacking layers, repeat stitching, closing the edge.

A Labor of Love
Luxury silk textiles that are made by hand quilting and hand embroidery and requires a lot of patience and expertise, especially in silk materials. It takes 3 people to work in 85 hours to hand sewn one queen-size silk blanket.

Cashmere Throw Blanket
100% Italian Cashmere
All cashmere wool comes from the same place — Mongolia. But the world's best cashmere yarn is spun in Italy. So that's all we use.

The difference is in the discernment. Italian cashmere craftsmen select only the highest quality raw material, discarding anything that does not meet their unrelenting standards. The result is cashmere worth investing in — remarkably soft, warm, and durable.

Ethically Made
As with any animal product — not all cashmere is sourced ethically. That's why we waited, intentionally, to bring cashmere to The Essential. We spent over a year researching cruelty-free cashmere farms. We can now promise that our cashmere is harvested, and crafted, to our notoriously high ethical standard.

Heavyweight Down Duvet
750 Fill Power
You may not know what “fill power” means — but when it comes to measuring the quality of down, it’s everything. 750 fill power is above and beyond the industry standard, ensuring you’re getting more warmth and weight.

Supersoft Shell
A 400 thread-count, 100% Long-staple Cotton Sateen Shell houses our down clusters. That's the same stuff we use for our bestselling Turkish towels and it makes the blanket noticeably smoother and softer, keeping it from roughing up your skin or from bunching up.

Bafflebox Stitch
That's the grid design you see all over the duvet — it keeps the down evenly distributed and your duvet evenly fluffy. We paid a lot of attention to every piece of this architecture, down to the size of the squares. And we landed on this grid because we felt like it was the perfect balance for all kinds of sleepers (blanket-huggers and sparse-coverers alike).

Vietnamese Silk Sheet Set
Softer & Cooler
Silk is so much softer and smoother than cotton. Natural fibers have to a more luxurious feel and bounce, and are far more breathable than synthetic materials. This makes silk the ideal choice for those prone to allergies, have sensitive skin, and/or are hot sleepers.

Less Abrasive
Silk is a natural fiber that is much smoother from other fabric such as cotton or wool. Its slippery-soft texture is much better for skin and hair, as the silkiness reduced friction and is much less abrasive. Silk bedding gives for much shinier hair, is less likely to break you out, and is much more breathable during the nights.

Cashmere Throw Blanket
Larger, Denser and Heavier
A little extra blanket goes a long way. That's why we made ours a little bigger than the norm — 50" x 70"

As we always do, we went a little further, asking for a denser, 12-gauge knit. Meaning that there are an impressive 12 stitches of yarn in one inch of knitted cashmere, making it extra dense and heavy.

Two Iconic Essential Shades
We hand-dyed our cashmere blanket in two iconic Essential shades. Selected to match any aesthetic.

Snow — a softer, warmer white that goes with anything.
Cement — a light, modern grey to ground any space.

Super Simple Design
With premium materials — we've found that less is so much more. That's why we edited down. We didn't add tassels, frills, or unnecessary design. We let the Italian cashmere speak for itself. The result — a single, stunning piece of material that goes with anything.

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