Yellow Dragon Fruit
Yellow Dragon Fruit
Yellow Dragon Fruit
Yellow Dragon Fruit
Yellow Dragon Fruit
Yellow Dragon Fruit
Yellow Dragon Fruit
Yellow Dragon Fruit
Yellow Dragon Fruit
Yellow Dragon Fruit

Yellow Dragon Fruit

$69 $89 elsewhere

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The Essential Yellow Dragon Fruit is sweeter than other varieties of dragon fruit and tastes like a delicate, rare and exotic blend of pear, kiwi and watermelon. A spectacular tropical exterior gives way to a delicate, mildly-sweet and juicy interior — studded with tiny crispy edible seeds.

To grow ours, we have reserved vines in the two American regions that can properly grow this cactus fruit — Southern Florida and Southern California. This batch is still on vines at our partner ranches. In the next 2 weeks, the fruit will ripen and the inside will reach its peak sweetness (still mild).

That's when we will pick and ship it to you. Straight from the vine.

The Essential produce is always picked to order. Meaning, we don't hold produce inventory. We place orders with our produce company when you place an order with us.

This ensures fresher produce and less food waste.

A lot of produce companies online sell dragon fruit for similar prices — but with a big catch — shipping normally adds 50% to the cost of the product.

The Essential produce is being sold at a True Price— inclusive of shipping and taxes.

That makes a big difference. $89 elsewhere (with shipping) → $69 on The Essential.

Growing in California & Florida

Our dragon fruit is grown at the southern tips of Florida and California. At the southermost points of the country, the cactus vine gets what it needs— hours of harsh (almost blistering) direct sunlight and consistent 80 - 90 degree heat. This season's bounty just started with beautiful white-yellow flowers and will mature into fully-grown fruit in roughly two weeks.

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