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Move is now The Essential

What's with the new name?

We are a store with a vision: to sell the single, best version of your most essential products. We won’t sell three frying pans — just one. The best one. That's why we’ve been calling our products “the essential” for a long time — because they are. 

In other words, we aren’t the everything store, we are The Essential store. Now, our name reflects that goal. 

How much does The Essential membership cost?

The Essential membership costs $95 a year. It includes access to shop The Essential’s products, which saves you money on every purchase. Plus, you get free shipping –– forever.

Am I still a member?

Yes. Your membership is not affected by our name change –– you were a Move Member, you are now an Essential Member. Your renewal date is the same as it was previously. If you have any questions about your renewal date, email us at

When will my membership renew?

Same date as before.

Your membership renewal date depends on when you became a member.
To check your specific renewal date, email us at

Do I still get free shipping?

Yes, the free shipping included in your membership is staying the same.
It is still subject to an environmental minimum of 5 products.

Do my Move credits still work here?

Yes, they do. Credits will roll over to The Essential, and they do not expire.

Will you still sell food?

Yes! Actually, food will be an even bigger focus for us than before.
By the end of 2022, we will sell 700 grocery products!

Will you still launch new products every week?

Yes –– and much more frequently than that.
Keep an eye out for new grocery and home products each week.

Will you still have my favorite Move products?

Yes! While we sometimes phase out products, we will still be keeping our current Move catalog as we transition to The Essential.

Will you still ship my preorder products?

Yes! Same day (and often same hour) customer support will remain available.
Our new support email is

I invested in Move — does that still count?

Of course! It’s the same company. Just a different name. We’re also posting an update to Wefunder very soon.


How does food ship?

Frozen products ship with enough dry ice for items to stay cold in transit for 3- 4 days. If your order arrives and is not cold to the touch please just reach out to our customer service team and let us know so that we can assist further. Orders typically take 4-7 business days to process. Frozen food orders will ship with 2-day air. Non-perishable and home goods will ship ground.

How much will shipping cost?

Shipping is free for any order with more than 5 items.

Do you ship to AK, HI or PR?

Not yet. But we're working on it. Email if you'd like to join the waitlist.

Do you ship internationally?

Not yet. But we're working on it. Email if you'd like to join the waitlist.

How do I make a return?

On items that qualify for a return, please contact our Care Team

You can read more details about our return policy here.


How can I sign up for a membership?

You can sign up anytime at by simply shopping on our store and then going to checkout. Here, you will see "The Essential Membership" added to your cart for the amount of a monthly membership. It is also here that you can select between the annual membership price or the monthly membership price. Furthermore, you can log into your account on this page if you already have a membership with us.

How can I cancel my membership?

Your Membership can be cancelled any time by contacting the Member Experience team or by following the steps on our online member guide. A Membership is eligible for a refund in the event that the Member has not placed an order (not including any free trial period). If a Member wishes to cancel after placing order(s), they may still cancel without a refund. They will also have full access to their account for the remainder of their Membership period as a result.

How much does membership cost?

We have two plans — $15 per month and $95 per year.

How does the credits program work?

Credits will be issued in $15 monthly increments. So if you have a yearly membership ($95) you will receive 12 x $15 = $180 in credits.

To receive credits, you must register for SMS notifications. If you unsubscribe from texts, we won't be able to send you credits.

To receive credits, you must be an active member. If you cancel your membership, we won't be able to send you credits.

Starting Oct 2022, credits will be issued at the start of each month.

Credits will expire at the end of each month.

Questions —

365 Day Credit Return

What is The Essential return policy?

We will accept returns on unopened or unused home products for at any point within the first 365 after receiving your order for credits in the full amount. In order to receive a return label you can reach out to If any products arrive damaged for any reason, you're still eligible for a refund as well. Please note that no food orders are subject to returns given their perishable nature.

How can I use The Essential store credits?

When we issue credits to a member's account, you will receive an additional email with a coupon code for the credit amount. When you check out on The Essential's store, you'll see a place to enter this code to apply the savings to your order. If you're ever unable to track down credits we had issues you in the past, reach out to and we'll track it down for you.


I invested in Move. Does that still apply to The Essential?

Absolutely! If you invested in Move with WeFunder, then you're already apart of The Essential's ownership team! If you have any questions or concerns regarding your investment or your account, please just reach out to us at

Does The Essential have any physical store locations?

The Essential is only available online through By not having physical locations, we're able to save money and pass those savings onto you with lower prices than our competitors who are fighting for traditional retail space.

I'm a supplier interested in partnering with The Essential. How can I contact your sourcing team?

We're always interested in working with the best suppliers in all industries. If you're interested in teaming up with us for future product launches, please just send us an email to and we'll get you in touch with our Product Team right away!