Mushroom Coffee
Mushroom Coffee
Mushroom Coffee
Mushroom Coffee
Mushroom Coffee
Mushroom Coffee
Mushroom Coffee
Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom Coffee


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Ground 100% organic Arabica coffee blended with Lions Mane and Chaga Mushroom powders for a powerful boost to your morning. Combining these two powerful mushroom powders with delicious dark roast coffee makes for the perfect daily coffee.

• Memory and cognition
• Unique coffee blend
• Anti-fatigue
• Increased athletic performance

*Note that this product tastes like coffee and not mushrooms, which makes it the perfect replacement for standard coffee.

Chaga and Lion's Mane mushrooms are loaded with essential nutrients for optimized body functioning. The most notable of these nutrients are phytochemicals. Phytochemicals are plant-based molecules that stimulate the immunological and hormonal systems and play an essential part in maintaining the balance of our bodies.

Nootropics found in Lion's Mane, such as hericenones and erinacines, are said to have neuroprotective effects and stimulate the growth of neurons in the brain.

Can be used as you would regular ground coffee in a coffee maker or in a pour-over set up, including Chemex, Cafe Solo, Clever Dripper, Kalita Wave, Aeropress, Hario V60, Siphon & Cone Brewers, etc.

90% USDA Organic Arabica Coffee, 5% USDA Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom Powder, 5% USDA Organic Chaga Mushroom Powder.

Ingredients Country of Origin: Brazil
Manufacturer Country: USA
Product Form: Ground coffee
Product Amount: 1lb (454g)
Gross Weight: 1lb (454g)

Introducing Chaga And Lion's Mane

Chaga from birch trees in frozen climates.
With a charcoal exterior & golden heart.
Lion's Mane from forest sanctuaries.
A waterfall of white tendrils.
Sought after. Rare. Potent.
Full of cerebral benefits.


Chaga and Lion's Mane mushrooms are loaded with essential nutrients like phytochemicals, supporting overall body balance.

Increases Mental Focus

Important for both exercise and work, Lion's Mane, in combination with coffee, enhances neural connections for better focus, wakefulness, and cognitive function.

Powerful Antioxidants

Potent blend of Chaga and Lion's Mane mushrooms, rich in antioxidants, which are known to support the immune system.

The Mushroom Drop

Rare, exotic, and potent mushrooms.
Farmed and foraged around the country.
Crafted into simple supplements.
For health, focus and cognition.

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Mushroom Coffee

Mushroom Coffee


Lion's Mane Mushroom

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Foraged & Farmed In America

Grown in a filtered, controlled environment: an organic indoor mushroom farm in the US. Lab-tested for pollutants and heavy metals.

The Sourcing

Made at a lab near Denver, Colorado.
Backed by 49 years of research,
A Ph.D. Nutritional Biochemist
4 US Government Patents
A 6-person review board

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