Cashmere Hoodie
Cashmere Hoodie
Cashmere Hoodie
Cashmere Hoodie
Cashmere Hoodie
Cashmere Hoodie
Cashmere Hoodie
Cashmere Hoodie
Cashmere Hoodie
Cashmere Hoodie

Cashmere Hoodie

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Made with coveted 12-gauge cashmere, this hoodie is ultra-soft, lightweight and breathable.

Crafted in Inner Mongolia, each piece is an homage to precise workmanship — with seamed detailing at the hem and cuffs and a classic, never-droopy hood.

Intentionally bare, the essential cashmere hoodie comes in just one shade (slate) with no drawstrings or kangaroo pocket — making it perfect for layering.

Style it with sweats for lounging around, sneakers for a casual going-out look, or dress it up with an oversized blazer for a more elevated airport fit.

100% Inner Mongolia Cashmere
Our cashmere is sourced and spun in Inner Mongolia, where 70% of the world's cashmere originates. The herdsmen there still follow ancestral methods of grazing and raising cashmere sheep, ensuring the finest material with minimal environmental impact.

Quality: 12 Gauge
Average material weight: 230g
Fiber diameter: 14.3 — 15.2µm
Fiber length: 34 — 36mm
Yarn count: 26s/2
Raise month: April

Really good cashmere is three things: shockingly soft, meaningfully warm, and light as air. Our ultra-light cashmere is perfect for a hoodie because it’s low density construction keeps it breathable — keeping you warm, but never too warm.

Simpler, Better Design
• Iconic never-droopy hood
• Ribbed detailing on hem and cuffs
• No drawstrings
• No kangaroo pocket

Wrinkle + Odor Blocking
Natural fibers have a lot of benefits. Our favorites — they tend to resist wrinkles and absorb fewer odors.

Just one color
The Essential Cashmere Hoodie is only offered in one color — slate, a sleek and deep space gray that is flattering on everyone and goes with everything.

Relaxed fit
Long sleeves
Falls just past waist

Womens Sizes (laid flat)
S: Chest/Bust: 19.75 inches
M: Chest/Bust: 20.5 inches
L: Chest/Bust: 21.75 inches

Mens Sizes (laid flat)
S: Chest/Bust: 20.25 inches
M: Chest/Bust: 21.75 inches
L: Chest/Bust: 22.25 inches

Handwoven in Inner Mongolia

Deep in the heart of Inner Mongolia, a small batch cashmere apparel maker is dedicated to creating stunning garments using only the finest, sustainable cashmere threads.

Founded 15 years ago, Leon's team is scientific in their approach, carefully selecting each strand based on factors such as length and diameter. Their attention to detail and commitment to sustainability ensures that each piece is not only beautiful, but also of the highest quality. From the sourcing of the threads to the finished product, this artisanal apparel maker puts heart and soul into every piece they create.

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