Award-Winning Meals Are Back

Meals are returning to The Essential.
And they're better than ever before.
Made only by award-winning chefs.
Sold at the fairest prices possible.
Delivered on demand.

Made At The Nation’s Best Kitchens
These Meals Are Made By Chefs
These are not homemade meals.
These meal are not side-hustles.
They were made by masters.
They took years to perfect.
And hours to prepare.

100 Restaurants In Your Freezer
Our meals are flash frozen at peak freshness by the chefs themselves. This way, they're ready whenever you are.

Starting At Just $5 Per Meal.
Our meals are sold at the fairest possible prices.
Starting at $5 each with free shipping on orders of 10+ meals.

Just Like Ordering Takeout
We set out to make the simplest possible meal delivery service. Here it is: the classics stay on the menu forever. New specials are added monthly. Everything is a-la-carte. No subscriptions required. Get what you want. When you want it.

Ready In Minutes
Our meals are masterfully cooked.
Ready to heat and eat in minutes.
No more groceries, prep or kits.
Just incredible meals.
Ready when you are.

Available On-Demand In Select Cities
The Essential Meals will be delivered on-demand through major delivery apps. Delivered faster than takeout. Ready to eat in minutes.