The Essential

Bamboo Sheet Set


The softest sheets in the world aren’t made of satin or cotton.
They’re made of bamboo.

But bamboo isn’t just a good material for sheets.
It’s the perfect material:

Insanely durable — never discolor, pill, or shred
Temperature regulating — cooler than cotton
Ethically sourced — sustainably grown

Feels Softer

The defining feature of bamboo viscose is its softness. While bamboo may not sport the high thread counts of other fabrics, it is insanely soft to the touch. A go-to fabric for families, or those with sensitive skin. 

Sleeps Cooler

Our sheets are incredibly breathable and temperature regulating. They keep you cool on summer nights, and warm during the winter. Bamboo is also moisture wicking, keeping you comfortable all night long. 

Cleans Easier

Our bamboo sheets are stain resistant. While they can’t evade all stains, bamboo’s moisture wicking properties deter stains from setting in and discoloring the fabric.