The Essential

Leather Stationery Case


A pencil case. Designed with grown ups in mind.

Big enough to hold every tool of your trade.
Intentionally minimalist aesthetic.
Crafted from full-grain leather.

Lasts a career.

Full Grain Leather

When it comes to leather, full grain is the gold standard. Full grain leather uses the most sought-after hide — buthidesnothing. Because it comes from the top layer of hide, it shows all the natural grain. That grain creates a classic leather look that can't be faked, or replicated, with cheaper materials.

Intentionally Minimalist Design

Our case is one large pocket. Because we designed it that way. It gives you a smaller profile on the outside and more space on the inside.

Handmade in San Francisco

San Francisco is known for its creativity, minimalism, and quality — our craftsman is no exception. He sources his hide ethically, from humane farmers across the United States. He's passionate about his craft, dedicating himself to constructing bags, pouches, watches, and more from the finest leather he can find.