The Essential

Turkish Bath Towel


Made with The World's Softest Cotton.

Ultra plush. Extra long. Weighted.

The World's Softest Cotton

Every "premium" towel on the market is covered in thousands of tiny fabric loops. We went further. We used 100% Turkish cotton for the base and made the loops exclusively with long-staple Aegean Cotton. To top it off, we made the loops twice as long, creating a radically soft towel.


We extended the Aegean cotton loops as far as we could, adding remarkable depth and softness, and plushness to every inch of our towel. It’s a change you’ll notice every time you reach for it.

Extra-long and Extra-heavy

An extra-long base and double-length loops add surprising depth, and an amazing 750 grams-per-square-meter of bulk. In other words, the towel wraps around better, gives further when you press, absorbs more and feels heavier.

Mix & Match in 5 Colors

Sand — a warm, inviting beige
Snow — a clean, classic white
Cement — a cool, light gray
Stone — a cool, modern space gray
Slate — a deep, dark gravel gray.