The Essential

Turkish Bath Rug

20x31 Inches

The Softest Bath Rug in The World.

Made with The World's Softest Cotton.
Twice as thick as the average bathmat.
Four times as soft.

Made With The World's Softest Cotton

Every cotton bath rug on the market is covered in thousands of tiny fabric loops. We went further. We used 100% Turkish cotton for the base of our rug, and made the loops exclusively with long-staple Aegean Cotton.


Each loop in our cotton is twice as long as traditional bathmats leading to an amazing 1000 grams-per-square-meter of bulk. In other words, the rug gives further when you press on it. Standing on the rug feelslike sinking into warm, soft, plentiful cotton –– because that's what it is. 

No Design — Design

Sometimes less is more. Our bath rug is just one extra large piece of beautiful fabric — no frills, patterns, tassels, or other unnecessary details. We didn't forget these details — we chose to forego them and let the fabric speak for itself. Just a single cut of luxurious Turkish cotton.