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Hard Cooler

$155 $450 on REI - Yeti Cooler

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Durable, thoughtfully-designed and roomy, this might be the last cooler you buy.

Durable — a single-piece roto-molded body makes the cooler seamless, scratch and UV-resistant.

High Performance — thick PUR insulation and an airtight design keep as much as 75 quarts of ice frozen for 5-7 days.

Easy to drain — When the ice finally melts, a gasketed drain allows you to drain the cooler without ever lifting it.

No sweat — If you do need to lift it, a no-sweat design keeps the cooler dry while wide rope handles make the lift easier.

Secure — When you set it down, multiple-tie downs help secure it, friction pads keep it in its place and locks keep what's yours yours.

Affordable — Made with the same materials and craftsmanship as Yeti. Sold for almost half the price.

Food Grade PE Shell
A truly good cooler starts with high-quality materials — so we found the best. Made exclusively from food grade LLDPE, PU foam, and PE materials.

These carefully selected materials make our cooler: non-toxic, UV blocking, corrosion resistant, and stable in all external temperatures.

Roto-Molded Body
You've probably never heard of rotational-molding — but it's at the heart of most highest-quality home goods.

Rotational-molding requires us to melt down our materials, and pour them into our unique Hard Cooler mold. We rotate the mold, ensuring the melted materials fill every void before cooling.

This process makes our Hard Cooler: impact resistant, scratch-resistant, insulated, and leak-proof.

Thick PUR Insulation
Our thick polyurethane insulation retains the cold way longer. UV resistant and airtight, the insulation works remarkably well — keeping the same internal temperature even when exposed to direct sunlight and keeping the cold air from leaking out.

Metal Locks
Secure your cooler from theft, wild animals, or just run-of-the-mill spillage. Plus, they keep cold air in for longer. When not in use, the locks double as bottle openers.

Military Grade Rope Handles
Made with thick-weave polyester ropes and wide tubes, the handles are easy on the hands but tough in the elements.

75 Quart Capacity
75 quarts is a lot of cooler space — that's 65 cans and enough ice to keep them all cold for a week.

Deep Trays. Separate Compartments
Designed to keep your food and drinks cold without touching ice, and risking freezer burn. Allows you to organize your food from your drinks. Keep your meat away from your produce, separate your fresh-caught fish from your ice-cold beer, to delineate between your alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.

Cup Holders + Bottle Openers
Included to allow you to make use of your cooler, even when it’s closed.

Air-Tight + Leak-Proof + Skid-Less
Durable gaskets keep the cold air and melted ice water in and keep the heat out. Down below, silicone friction pads keep the cooler securely in its place.

Entirely Stackable
Optimized for easy storage, allowing you to stack coolers on top of each other. Buy in bulk without needing excessive storage space.

External Dimensions 33.2" x 18.1" x 17.9"
Internal Dimensions 27.4" x 12.2" x 13"
Capacity 75 quarts / 71 liters

75 Quart Hard Cooler

The highest quality hard cooler available.
Extra Large. Indestructible. High Performance.
Same craftsmanship and materials as Yeti.
For less than half the price.

Filled With Features

Extra-deep tray — chill food and drinks without ice contact
Cup holder — make use of your cooler, even when closed
Separate compartments — organize your food & drinks
Air-tight gaskets — keep your stuff colder, for longer
Bear-safe metal locks — double as bottle openers.
Stackable structure — easy storage, in bulk

70 Pounds of Ice

75 quarts is a lot of cooler. That's 65 cans and enough ice to keep them all cold for a week. On another trip, it is as an entire big game hunting cooler. At tailgates, it is enough food and drinks to feed the team.

Stays Colder For Longer

Most importantly, our cooler works. Really well.

All thanks to our thick polyurethane insulation layer — giving longer cold retention. Plus, its rotationally molded plastic material is UV resistant and airtight. Meaning — exposure to direct sunlight does not impact the internal temperature, and cold air doesn't leak out.

True Price Comparison

The Essential

Price $255
Material LLDPE, PU foam, and PE materials
Size 75 quarts

REI - Yeti Cooler

Price $450
Material LLDPE, PU foam, and PE materials
Size 75 quarts

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