Rhubarb Shrub

Rhubarb Shrub

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Derived from the Arabic word “sharbah”, shrubs are a concentrated syrup made from apple cider vinegar, sugar, and aromatics. And they're one of the best kept pantry secrets you might not have heard of. Loved and gate-kept by mixologists and chefs alike.

The Essential Rhubarb Shrub is zesty and iconic. Tart. Fruity. Just a little sweet. Delightfully addicting. Blend into daiquiris for a refreshing twist, or use in dressings for a hint of “what did you put in there?” complexity.

The Essential Vinegar Shrubs are teeming with health benefits. Slow-fermented and naturally produced means that our shrubs are:

Probiotic rich
Appetite Stimulating
A craving reducer

The Essential Vinegar Shrubs are a ridiculously versatile and unexplainably underrated condiment. Fantastic in all beverages- mix in carbonated water, cocktails, or cocktails. Another option? Use in salads, glazes, and marinades. Makes any drink, dish, or dessert delightfully complex.

Organic Apple cider vinegar
Organic cane sugar

1/2 oz serving
25 calories; 0 fat; 3 gram sugar; 0 protein; 0 fiber


Dorothy and Andri make the best vinegar drinking shrubs because they have put in the work. The work in sourcing local fruits and ingredients from the glacial soils of the Finger Lakes. The work in educating themselves about the 300 year history and the proper production of vinegar shrubs. The work in exploring and espousing the numerous health benefits that vinegar shrubs bring. They have been doing all of this work since they discovered a bottle of Strawberry Shrub in 2016 that was so extraordinary that they altered their entire lives to recreate that experience.

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