Roll-Top Backpack
Roll-Top Backpack
Roll-Top Backpack
Roll-Top Backpack
Roll-Top Backpack
Roll-Top Backpack
Roll-Top Backpack
Roll-Top Backpack

Roll-Top Backpack

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Our most adventurous bag yet. Made of tough stuff — abrasion-resistant materials, waterproof exterior, wide-mouthed opening, foam-padded straps, and rugged hardware — so you can take it anywhere, and do anything, without worries.

These elements don’t just make this bag durable, they also make it crazy useful. It’ll last forever, no matter how much you put it through. It will survive rainstorms to rapids, without letting any water inside. It’s easy to load and unload without fitting your items through a restricted opening.

On top of it all — it’s so comfortable, you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

500D PVC: a thick, resilient exterior that is selected to weather the elements, easily. Versatile enough to survive the heat of the sun, or the pounding of winter hail. Entirely water-resistant, even when submerged.

EVA foam: Intelligently packed with a high density and breathable foam, allowing increased comfort in the straps and back.

​Thick hardware: Equipped with warp and break-resistant plastic hardware. Extra-thick to ensure it lasts a lifetime, without issue.

Welded seams: The seams are welded using radio frequency. This changes the chemical composition of the seams and permanently fuses the two pieces of fabric together.

PU Coated Nylon: Each bag is armed with PU-coated nylon, so it can take a beating without showing a single scratch.

Contoured Straps: We equipped our bag with adjustable, contoured shoulder straps. Then, we filled each strap with breathable, high density EVA foam. So comfortable, you'll forget you're wearing it –– until you need it most.

Breathable Lining: We lined the back of the pack with a breathable material that allows heat to escape easily –– a feature that comes in handy in the hot sun.

Entirely Waterproof: Made of waterproof material inside and out, the bag keeps your items dry even when fully submerged. Meaning –– it can go overboard during a fishing excursion or during a bumpy trip down the rapids, but it’ll never let the water in.

Extra-Large: We made each bag to be extra-large, so you can fit enough clothes, food and gear for a multi-day wilderness hike.

Extra-Wide Opening: At the top, we included a roll and cinch closure with an extra-wide opening. Load your necessities, easily –– regardless of their size.

Mesh Pocket: We added an external water-proof zipper and an internal zippered mesh pocket. This allows you to store your most valuable items separately, assured they will be safe from environmental conditions or water damage.

In Essential Sage: Our Essential Roll-Top Bag is available in an Essential shade: sage. Sage is specifically designed for outdoor enthusiasts, naturalists, and earth-lovers.

Height 25.9"
Width 12.9"
Depth 6.3"

Roll-Top Bag

The bag made for anything, anywhere, anytime.
Abrasion resistant materials.
Entirely waterproof exterior.
Wide-mouthed opening.
Foam-padded straps.
Rugged hardware.

This bag can take a beating. Beautifully.

Made Of Tough Stuff

We constructed our bag out of the most durable, long-lasting, materials on the market:

Thick hardware –– warp & break-resistant
EVA foam –– high density & breathable
Welded seams –– permanently fused
500D PVC –– thick & water-resistant

Optimized For Comfort

A truly great outdoor backpack is designed to be worn. For a long time.

That's why we equipped ours with adjustable, contoured shoulder straps made from high density EVA foam. A breathable material lines the back, allowing heat to escape easily.

For Any Environment

No matter where your next adventure takes you, the Essential Roll-Top Bag is ready. It’s designed for any weather condition, environment, or temperature.

Made of waterproof material inside and out, the bag keeps your items dry even when fully submerged.

True Price Comparison

The Essential

Price $45
Size Same
Materials PU-coated nylon
Features Same


Price $175
Size Same
Materials PU-coated nylon
Features Same

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