The Essential

You are now a member of The Essential.
We’re changing our name. And a lot more.

As Move, we built a better supermarket.
As The Essential, we’re building better e-commerce.

We no longer just sell groceries.
We’re going to sell the single best version of every essential.

And we’re not just going to sell it at cost.
We’re going to sell it at the best price possible. Guaranteed.

The Essential is everything Move was.
And so much more.

Here's everything you will get
as an essential member

1,000 Essentials

Introducing more, better drops — We’re launching more products than ever before. We started Move by selling 100 grocery staples. By the end of 2022, we will sell 700 groceries and 300 home essentials.

Launching daily

The Best Price Possible

Introducing Community Price Match — If you find an Essential product being sold anywhere else, for less, we will match the price. And offer that new, lower, price to every Essential Member.

Coming Feb 28

Open Product Reports

For each new product we launch, we’re publishing a report on how, why, and where we sourced it. Plus, we’re outlining your options – by telling you where you could buy a lower quality version for less, or a higher quality version for more. 

365 Day Credit Return

If you are dissatisfied with any Essential product, just contact us within a year of purchase. We will credit you back for the full value of the product.

True Price Comparisons

Being an Essential Member saves you money – and we’re willing to prove it. For every product, we will share the manufacturer suggested retail price (MSRP) which will always be higher than The Essential price.

The Essential Questions

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What's with the new name?

We are a store with a vision: to sell the single, best version of your most essential products. We won’t sell three frying pans — just one. The best one. That's why we’ve been calling our products “the essential” for a long time — because they are.

In other words, we aren’t the everything store, we are The Essential store. Now, our name reflects that goal. 

How much does The Essential membership cost?

We offer two membership options — a yearly and a monthly.

The yearly subscription costs $95 a year. (about $8 per month). The monthly subscription costs $15 per month.

Other than that, the plans are the exact same. Both memberships include access to shop The Essential’s products, saving you money on every purchase. Plus, you get free shipping — forever. 95% of members break even on their first purchase.

Am I still a member?

Yes. Your membership is not affected by our name change –– you were a Move Member, you are now an Essential Member. Your renewal date is the same as it was previously. If you have any questions about your renewal date, email us at care@theessential.com

When will my membership renew?

Same date as before.

Your membership renewal date depends on when you became a member.
To check your specific renewal date, email us at care@theessential.com.

Do I still get free shipping?

Yes, the free shipping included in your membership is staying the same.
It is still subject to an environmental minimum of 5 products.

Do my Move credits still work?

Yes, they do. Credits will roll over to The Essential, and they do not expire.

Will you still ship my preorder products?

Yes! Preordered products are not affected by the name change.
If you would like to check on the status of a preorder, email us atcare@theessential.com.

Will you still sell food?

Yes! Actually, food will be an even bigger focus for us than before.
By the end of 2022, we will sell 700 grocery products!

Will you still launch new products every week?

Yes –– and much more frequently than that.
Keep an eye out for new grocery and home products each week.

Will you still have my favorite Move products?

Yes! While we sometimes phase out products, we will still be keeping our current Move catalog as we transition to The Essential.

Will I still be able to get same-day customer service?

Yes! Same day (and often same hour) customer support will remain available.
Our new support email iscare@theessential.com.

I invested in Move — does that still count?

Of course! It’s the same company. Just a different name. We’re also posting an update to Wefunder very soon.