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City Bike

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Color Slate

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A truly universal bike — made for everyone, everywhere, and everything. Made with truly uncompromising quality.

From the start, we utilize only the highest quality, best-in-class materials from Shanghai. Then, we assemble them at the world’s best bike factory in Osaka. We craft each bike into a classic “city-bike” design, fitting into any aesthetic.

This bike is for everything — it’s a daily driver, to a relaxed Sunday ride. Enjoy its slim profile, smooth ride, simple construction, and urban appeal.

High Carbon Steel Frame & Fork
The frame of each bike is made entirely from high carbon steel — the go-to for durable construction. This type of steel provides strength to the core of the bike, eliminating the risk of bends or structural damage. Plus, steel is entirely anti-microbial, meaning these bikes never rust.

The takeaway: these bikes maintain “like new” condition for a long, long time.

Aluminum Alloy Handlebar and Stand
We selected a different metal for our handlebar and stand — aluminum alloy. Using this metal shaves off precious grams of weight, without sacrificing durability.

Shimano Parts
All of our bike parts are sourced from Osaka based Shimano — the leading manufacturer in the bike industry. We’re specifically working with them to make our freewheel, shifter, and rear deraileur. We believe even the "little things" need to be made with the highest quality.

7-Speed Gears

We selected a 7-speed option to offer perfect balance for city streets. Change the settings on the bike to ride steep inclines from the hills in San Francisco to the fast lanes in New York.

The 7 speed settings offer everything you need, without being overly complicated.

114 Connection Chain

We spared no effort on our chain — the core “workman” of this bike. We rely on this chain for a lot. That’s why we made sure it was lightweight, better lubricated, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and hard to break. Then, we thought of everything else. The chain is easily interchangeable — though you should never have to replace it in the first place.

Relaxed Upright Riding Position

Our bike wasn't designed just for the aesthetic, but also for functional use.

Our bike’s geometry allows you to sit up while riding. This is crucial for support & comfort. Each ride is more relaxing on the shoulders, hips and lower back — offering a smooth and comfortable ride.

Minimalist Vintage Styling

We took everything you love about the classic “city-bike design” — while making it feel sleek and modern.

We kept all the best of the original design, including a curved and smoothed handlebar, a vintage spring box seat, and real leather coloring.

Slate Frame + Cigar Seat

Essential products come in essential shades. Our bike utilizes two:

Slate Frame — A cool, dark space gray.
Cigar Seat — A warm, inviting caramel.

Seat Tube 540
Chain Stay Length 455
Seat Tube Angle 73.5
Top Tube Length 595
Head Tube Length 140
Head Tube Angle 71.5

City Bike

Everyone, everywhere, everything bike.
Crafted at the world's best factory.
Made with best-in-class parts.
Classic city-bike aesthetic.
Zero-waste design.

Made With Best-In-Class Parts

High Carbon Steel Frame — provides critical strength & lasts forever.
Aluminum Alloy Handlebar — lightweight & insanely durable.

Shimano Parts — legendary century-old Japanese mill.

A Classic City-Bike Design

This is our minimalist take on a classic city-bike design. We removed unnecessary details until it felt sleek and modern. But we retained the best of the "city-bike" style — a curved and smoothed handlebar, a vintage spring box seat, and a cigar-colored real leather seat cover.

The Ultimate Ride

This bike is made for Sunday rides, daily commutes, and end-of-day errands.

Its geometry maximizes relaxation by allowing you to sit up while riding. Each ride removes pressure from the shoulders, hips and lower back. All while giving you a clearer view of the road ahead.

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