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Jute Rug

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Bring a warm, neutral look into any room. The natural textures and color of jute seamlessly integrate into any kind of decor. Timeless and sophisticated– and the perfect finishing touch to elevate any room.

Jute adds strength and durability, while wool makes the rug beautiful and plush. Bound together at the end, the fabrics resist curling and last a lifetime.

Handmade in Jaipur, India, the rug is the product of a centuries-old carpet-making tradition.

100% Jute
Because this native, local material adds texture and durability. It’s also entirely natural, renewable, and biodegradable.

That's an industry term that makes a huge difference on durability and longevity. Wool and jute natural bind at the edges of the rug, helping each piece resist curling and maintain its quality. Over decades, not just months.

Organic Texture
Natural fibers of Jute are hand-woven to create this beautiful rug. Naturally processed, the fibers retain their natural, beige hue. This gives our rugs a warm, organic look and feel that's hard to artificially replicate.

Minimalist Mid-century Aesthetics
Made in a classic, timeless style –– that’s truly lasted through decades. Jute and wool rugs stay in style forever, because they last forever. Made in solid colors, without patterns, to work in any environment.

We believe that craftsmanship makes a difference. That’s why The Essential rugs aren’t machine made –– they’re human made. Craftsmen throughout Jaipur, India weave each rug –– made to order.

Jaipur Jute Rugs

Introducing 10 new jute rugs
Handmade in Jaipur, India
With 100% pure jute

Sold for 45% less
than Amazon

Pure jute & hemp

Pure jute perfectly marries style and durability. Goes with every style from farmhouse and scandi to mid century and boho. Takes a beating. Still lasts forever. Anywhere.

Handmade in Jaipur

Since the 1800s, the world's best rugs have come out of this ancient Indian city. Now, with over 150 years of experience, the people of Jaipur are producing the most sought after carpets in the world — including ours.

Sold without markup

Same design, materials, country of origin and manufacturer as Amazon and RugsUSA.

Sold for 25% less.

Price Comparison

The Essential

Price $125
Same material yes
Same manufacturer yes
Same design yes
Same country of origin yes


Price $180
Same material yes
Same manufacturer yes
Same design yes
Same country of origin yes

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