The Essential

Accent Chair


Mid Century Design. All Angle Display.

Solid Walnut Wood Frame. Supersoft Cushions.
Customizable Cover. Available in 4 Colors.
Cigar, Sand, Stone, & Slate.

The Perfect Design

Mid-century design is nearly timeless — lasting through nearly a hundred years of design fads and trends. Our new accent chair is the best of this style: hard, visible wood, clear frame, and solid fabrics.

All Angle Display

Best of all, the essential accent chair is designed for all-angle display, making it beautiful from all sides. Put it in the corner, the center of a room, an entry, or an office. It was designed to be stunning — anywhere

Solid Walnut Wood Frame

Our chair is designed to last a lifetime — and that begins with its frame.
The Midcentury Accent Chair is constructed of a single, solid walnut wood frame. It's carved, expertly, to have smooth lines and no right angles. We extended this wood frame to include convenient hand rails on both sides.

Extra Thick, Soft Cushions

We designed our accent chair to be deeply, and unequivocally, comfortable. For us — that was all in the cushions. Our cushions are wider, deeper, and softer than any we've every felt. We stuffed each seat and back to the brim with cushioning. So you can spend hours here — without even realizing it. 

Removable Washable Cover

Our Accent Chair was made for real life. So we designed the covers to be entirely removable and washable.

Customizable Cover

But lasting a lifetime is about more than just durability. It's about taste. Updating your aesthetic next year? Swap out the color and design of the cushion at any time.