The Essential

Silk Pillowcase


The World’s Best Silk — 6A Mulberry

The Densest Stitch — 22 Momme.
Clearer Skin. Smoother Hair.
Cooler Pillow. Better Sleep.

The World's Best Silk

Made entirely with 6A Grade, 100% Mulberry silk. Mulberry is the highest quality silk available — sought after for it's durability, consistency, and uniformity. And 6A is the highest grade of it your can get — ensuring a softer, smoother feel.

The Highest Grade Stitch

Thread count is for cotton. For silk, there's MOMME. Momme measures thread density — and is considered the gold standard for silk. 22 is close to thedensest stitch possible. But it is the perfect balance for bedding.

Better Skin. Smoother Hair.

It isn't just a fad. Our silk pillowcases are hypo-allergenic, all because of a naturally occurring protein in Mulberry silk (sericin). They are moisture, oil, and dirt resistant. They protect your skin from repeated exposure to elements that clog pores.

As with all silk, our pillow cases are also entirely frictionless. In practice, that reduces hair loss and breakage. As you sleep through the night, your hairdoes notget caught on and pulled out by your smooth-to-the-touch fabric.