Italian Cashmere Gloves
Italian Cashmere Gloves
Italian Cashmere Gloves
Italian Cashmere Gloves
Italian Cashmere Gloves
Italian Cashmere Gloves
Italian Cashmere Gloves
Italian Cashmere Gloves
Italian Cashmere Gloves
Italian Cashmere Gloves
Italian Cashmere Gloves
Italian Cashmere Gloves
Italian Cashmere Gloves
Italian Cashmere Gloves
Italian Cashmere Gloves
Italian Cashmere Gloves

Italian Cashmere Gloves

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Made with ultra-soft Italian cashmere, these gloves will keep your hands warm all winter long.

The recycling process makes the cashmere fabric softer and stretchier while allowing for a natural range of motion, making them perfect for everyday wear or for more active pursuits.

Whether running errands or hitting the slopes, these gloves are sure to become your go-to choice for cold weather comfort.

100% Italian Cashmere
All cashmere wool comes from the same place — Mongolia. But the world's best cashmere yarn is spun in Italy. So that's all we use.

The difference is in the discernment. Italian cashmere craftsmen select only the highest quality raw material, discarding anything that does not meet their unrelenting standards. The result is cashmere worth investing in — remarkably soft, warm, and durable.

100% GRS Certified Eco Cashmere
Made with 100% GRS certified eco cashmere. A supersoft blend of natural, recycled cashmere to promote a more circular industry.

100% Sustainable
The Essential Italian Cashmere Sweater is made in Italy with regenerated cashmere. Our master Italian tailors specialize in recycling every piece of fabric and textile used – truly promoting a sustainable product. Every sweater is made with the best quality cashmere that's also good for the planet. A win-win if you ask us.

Really good cashmere is three things: shockingly soft, meaningfully warm, and light as air. Our ultra-light high quality cashmere is perfect for a beanie because it’s low density construction keeps it breathable — keeping you warm, but never too warm.

Super Simple Design
Our gloves have everything you need, and nothing you don’t. We used high quality materials, made them large enough to fit comfortably on any hand. We scrapped unnecessary prints, tags, and logos.

Nestled in the heart of Tuscany, Fabricio's mill specializes in sourcing sustainable cashmere from all across Italy and crafting luxurious apparel out of it.

Using only the finest cashmere fibers and traditional techniques passed down through generations, each pair of gloves is hand-crafted with the utmost attention to detail and care. From the spinning of the yarn to the final stitching, every step is completed with a dedication to quality and craftsmanship.

Dry clean or hand wash only. Do not tumble dry. Hand wash in lukewarm water with mild detergent. Squeeze out excess water and lay flat on a clean towel until completely dry. Taken care of properly, cashmere lasts a lifetime.

Made in Italy

Our supplier is located at the base of the Himalayan Mountains –– where, for years, they've handcrafted thousands of cashmere clothing and home goods.

They import their cashmere straight from Italy, then slowly cut and shape it into its final form. Once they complete their design, they send it straight to our warehouse in San Francisco.

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