The Essential


8 weeks

A great composter betters your life, and your world.
Ours does both. Effortlessly.

From the moment you turn it on, it:

Composts — all your organic trash
Deodorizes — removing unpleasant smells
Prevents — waste from entering landfills
Creates — fertilizer for your garden

All while being silent, beautiful, and effortless.

The best countertop composter in the world

The Essential Composter achieves both goals, effortlessly. It makes everything cleaner, better, and easier.

From the moment you place it on your kitchen counter, load it up, and turn it on, it is: 

Making your trash disappear
Manufacturing fertilizer for your garden
Removing unpleasant odors from your space
Preventing pounds of organic waste from entering landfills 


Our composter requires no installation. Just plug and go. Plus, the entire machine only has one button.


The exterior of our composter is one large space-gray cuboid. It has rounded corners and subtle, futuristic accents. It goes with everything else in The Essential Home. 

More Convenient

We designed The Essential Composter to have a detachable bucket so that when the organic waste has turned into fertilizer, the bucket lifts out of the bin and can be easily carried over to the garden.


Leads to a 90% reduction in waste weight and a 75% reduction in volume.


Turns your waste into nutrient-rich compost in just 90 minutes (for a partial load) and 3-5 hours for a full load.

More Sustainable

One composting cycle takes up under 1500 watts of energy, much less than other composters on the market.