Down Blanket
Down Blanket
Down Blanket
Down Blanket
Down Blanket
Down Blanket
Down Blanket
Down Blanket
Down Blanket
Down Blanket

Down Blanket

$175 $260 on Neiman Marcus
Color Eggshell

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Warmer than a quilt, lighter than a duvet, and more versatile than a throw. Take the comfort of your bed as a layer anywhere around the house.

The Down Blanket is a versatile layering staple that can stand alone as a lightweight blanket, or bring added warmth over your duvet.

Triple Washed Down

The highest quality down has been triple washed to guarantee a cleaner, longer-lasting loft.

Long Staple Cotton Cambric Shell

Soft and breathable - the longer cotton fibers make for a more durable shell, meaning it's feather poke-proof and incredibly plush and soft - everything a blanket should be.

Hypoallergenic & Antimicrobial

Not all down products are treated with anti-microbial and not all are hypoallergenic – ours are. That means dogs, kids, and anyone else you’d like is welcome on the bed without worries.

Sustainable and Ethical

Down is inherently sustainable. It is naturally occurring and compostable, and all by-products from down processing are also biodegradable. All of this together means that own has the lowest carbon footprint of all insulating materials.

But we go further. By never live-plucking, we are able to save thousands of birds from needless suffering.

Bafflebox Construction

The Down Blanket linear design features a quilted bafflebox construction that keeps the fill perfectly in place.

Elegant Edging

Generously trimmed with over 3 inches of satin binding that’s unapologetically nostalgic and timeless.


When cared for properly, a high-quality down lasts for generations. That's because down‘s natural durability and resilience ensures that it can be washed, dried, and easily fluffed up again back to its original, bouncy form.

Twin 74" x 96"
Full 92" x 92"
Queen 104 x 94"
King 113" x 104"

The World's Best Down.

In a soft cotton sateen shell.
Super soft. So supportive.
Sold out five times.
Now back in stock.

Canadian Hutterite Down

The most sought-after down in the world. Farmed by the Hutterite colonies in Alberta, Canada, and internationally famous for being the highest quality fill.

100% Long-Staple Cotton Sateen Shell

The longer threads allow the craftsmen to take liberties, making for a pillow that sleeps cooler and feels softer.

Triple Layer Construction

One layer of feathers sandwiched between two layers of white down clusters. The feathers provide plump support while the down adds ample softness.

Price Comparison

The Essential

Price $190
Material 100% Cotton Shell + 650-Fill Power Down
Design Bafflebox Construction with Satin Trim
Twin Size 74" x 94"

Neiman Marcus

Price. $260
Material 100% Cotton Shell + 550-Fill Power Down
Design Bafflebox Construction with Satin Trim
Twin Size 66" x 96"

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