The Essential

Self Cleaning Bottle


Our Smartest Water Bottle

Sterilizes water with UV rays.

Keeps drinks cold (or hot).

Creates zero waste.


The280nm UV Light Cap flushes the inside of the bottle with UV light, penetrating microbes with photons and achieving medical-grade filtration in just 3 minutes.


A cross-section of the bottle would show six layers of metal with vacuum chambers between them. This construction prevents the transfer of heat in and out of the bottle — keeping your drinks cold or hot for at least 12 hours.


Unlike a filter bottle, the self cleaning bottle creates no waste. The same filtration system performs 60 runs on a single charge. Hooked up to its USB charger, it then fills back up to full charge in just 2 hours.

Minimalist Controls

The bottle has just one touch control and one light at the very top. Tap it to start purification. Tap it again to stop. When the light turns red, charge it.