The Essential

Self Heating Mug

12 fl oz

Our Smartest, Sleekest Mug

Style meets function.
Extremely sleek design.
Heats drinks to 131°F.
Works anywhere – effortlessly.

An Easy-Charge, Multi-Purpose Base

The mug’s pad also operates as a wireless phone charger. So even when you’re not drinking coffee, it has a purpose on your desk. Plus, it charges from anywhere using its convenient USB port.

Keeps Drinks At Exactly 131° Fahrenheit

For a reason. This is the perfect drinking temperature for your most popular warm beverages — coffee, tea, hot chocolate, lemon water.

Entirely Porcelain

Each mug is made entirely from hand-crafted porcelain, making it easier to clean and more sanitary than other mugs on the market. Porcelain also holds heat well, keeping your drink consistently warm from top to bottom.