The Essential

Cold Brew Bottle

23 oz

The smoothest cold brew we've had. With less than 60 seconds of work.

Just glass, steel and snow silicone.
In an iconic Japanese design.

The Perfect Design

Perfect design is two things: functional and beautiful.
In our Cold Brew Bottle, we achieved both.


Topped with Move Snow silicone — easier to pour and clean.
Larger — brewing 2.5 glasses of cold brew coffee each day.
Ultra-fine metal filter — makes truly better brews.
Clear glass — see if coffee is done brewing. And it does it all, stunningly.

Richer, Smoother Cold Brew

We sampled 30 brewers. This wasthe best. The difference is in the ultra-fine metal filter and immersion brewing. Our filter is constructed of dual layers of 304 stainless steel — allowing fine oils from coffee grounds to infuse themselves into your coffee. The result — a richer, fuller flavor, without the bite.

So Easy

Our Cold Brew bottle takes seconds to set up. Add fine coffee grounds and filtered water. Refrigerate. Enjoy. Rinse it out. Do it all over again.


It'll last forever. It's made of materials that never break. 304 stainless steel. Thick, borosilicate glass. Smooth silicone. 

This is the only Cold Brew Bottle you'll ever need.

Iconic Japanese Build

Japan's coffee shops are iconic for their attention to detail, the intensely scientific process and — most importantly — their cold brew. The difference is in the minimal, intentional, design of their brewers. So that's where we got our design — taste Tokyo cold brew, wherever you are.