The Essential

Notebook Set

A5 (Pack of 3 Notebooks)

The Essential Notebook Set

Buttery Soft Vegan Leather Cover.
100gsm Blank Ivory Sheets.
Flat Lay. Round Corners.

Bound to order.

The Perfect Design

180° Flat lay. A5 Ivory Sheets.
Morandi Color Style in Move Cement.
Rounded corners. Silk bookmark ribbon.
Vegan Leather + Wood-free paper.

Ubersoft Vegan Leather Cover

Outside, we wanted the rich handfeel of fine leather, with none of the tightness or guilt. Introducing the softcover — feels like the world's softest leather. Doesn't come from animals. Folds over like a paperback.

100 GSM Blank Ivory Sheets

Inside, we wanted something rich and thick without the roughness or the guilt. So, we went with wood-free sheets with an impressive thickness of 100gsm (grams-per-square-meter). The end result is paper that provides the perfect balance of glide and resistance.