Bakeware Bundle
Bakeware Bundle
Bakeware Bundle
Bakeware Bundle
Bakeware Bundle
Bakeware Bundle
Bakeware Bundle
Bakeware Bundle

Bakeware Bundle

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1 x Cake Pan
1 x Ceramic Coating Baking Sheet
1 x Ceramic Coating Muffin Pan

Aluminized steel + Ceramic coating
Retains more heat. Spreads it evenly.
Non-stick. Non-toxic. Beautiful.

Aluminized Steel Body + Ceramic Coating
This is what all bakeware should be made of. Aluminized steel is at the core of the world's best performing (and most beautiful) bakeware. All around it, the ceramic coating creates a non-stick (but non-toxic) layer that lasts forever.

Non-toxic & Eco-friendly
What you cook your food on matters. That's why our pans have no PFOA, PTFE, other PFAs, lead, cadmium, or toxic metals. Plus, they're making a smaller impact on the environment. Ceramic coated pans (like ours) generate about half the CO2 of traditional non-stick.

Withstands & Disperses More Heat
Each pan is rated oven safe up to 550°F. This makes a meaningful difference. You can do recipes with these pans that you couldn't in a silicone bakeware. Why? Silicone stops at 430°F. Steel keeps going. And it distributes the heat masterfully and evenly. The result — no burned edges or under-baked cores.

Larger Than Your Average Pans
Larger pans save time. Make one big batch, instead of two small ones. Thats why with our pans — we went, just a little bit, larger. Our baking sheet is a perfect middle size for everything from weeknight dinners, to weekend entertaining.

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