The Essential

Stand Mixer

12 weeks

The best kitchen product we've ever sold.

Professional grade performance.
Beautiful, thoughtful design.
A third of the price.

Planetary Motion

The gold standard for stand mixers, planetary motion means that the beater of the mixer rotates and revolves around the bowl at the same time. This motion gives the attachment more points of contact and leads to more consistent mixing.

Tilt Head

For the essential stand mixer, we went with a tilt-head (instead of a lift-bowl.  That design makes the mixer more compact for apartments and small kitchens while also making it easier to swap attachments for complicated recipes.

6 Speed Controls

Use levels 1 - 3 to knead yeasty doughs like bread and pasta dough.
Use levels 2 - 4  to blend heavy mixtures like cakes, meatloafs and mashed potatoes.
Use level 6 to incorporate air when beating eggs and whipping cream.
Pulse for sudden bursts (and for fun).

Swedish copper motor + cast-aluminum shell

The pure copper motor is made in Sweden and housed in a chef-grade cast-aluminum housing that's both strong and light. Translation— this was made to last for decades, not years.

5Qt Deep Polished Steel Bowl

We went for a taller bowl. This makes the bottom floor of the bowl smaller and allows the mixer to blend small quantities. 5 quarts is big enough for a small party but small enough to whisk a 3 egg omelette. The fixing plate at the bottom holds the bowl in place and reduces vibrations to a minimum.

Air vents + Non-slip suction

The air-vents keep the machine from overheating by dispersing the motors heat. The non-slip suction cups keep the mixer from wobbling, shaking and making too much noise.

Professional-grade performance— strong, quiet, versatile, insanely durable, and easy to clean.

Beautiful and thoughtful design— filled with features and design details but compact enough for a crowded countertop. Sleek enough to look modern but durable enough to be heirloom-grade.

Radically affordable—For its specifications, it's the most affordable stand mixer on the market — costing just a third of its closest competition.

Come with 3 Essential Attachments

The Dough Hook—yeasty doughs like bread, coffeecakes, pizza crusts, buns and pasta dough.

The flat beater— for cakes, frostings, cookies, meatloafs and mashed potatoes.

The wire whip— for eggs, whipping cream, making candies, lighter cakes or mayonnaise.