The Essential

Sauce Pan

3 Quarts

A pro-grade Kitchen Workhorse

304 Grade Stainless Steel Body.
5 Ply. 3 Quart.

Finished with a Lid

We liked it so much, we put a stainless steel lid on it. Designed to fit securely on the pan's edge, our lid helps heat your food more smoothly, prevents splatter, reduces evaporation and makes the pan more versatile — allowing you to blanche, steam, and boil faster.

High Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass

Made from a single thick piece of hand-blown borosilicate glass. It's not just stunning –– it's also shatter resistant. Each glass can withstand heat up to 450 degrees fahrenheit without shattering. In comparison, regular, thinner glass cracks at 300 degrees.

Made Entirely With Stainless Steel

We used exclusively 304 Grade stainless steel because it lasts a lifetime and goes anywhere — from an induction stovetop, to a baking oven, to a broiler and finally to the dishwasher. No erosion. No rust. Ever.

Supple Steel Ergonomic Handle

We obsessed over this handle. For months. We made it longer –– so you could flip, toss, and sizzle food with ease. We made it cool-to-the touch, no matter what. We made it stronger, so you could take the pressure off your wrist –– letting physics do most of the work for you.
If a perfect handle exists, this is it.

The Right Angle Lip

We selected a right (90°) angle for the edge of this pan — giving the lid a tighter seal, making spills rare and achieving a clean and modern aesthetic.

A pro-grade Kitchen Workhorse

Inside, a gold-standard 5-ply construction allows the pan to get hotter faster and more evenly — preventing warping, random hotspots and burnt sauce.