Chocolate Hazelnut Macarons
Chocolate Hazelnut Macarons
Chocolate Hazelnut Macarons
Chocolate Hazelnut Macarons
Chocolate Hazelnut Macarons
Chocolate Hazelnut Macarons

Chocolate Hazelnut Macarons

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A midnight-colored dark chocolate macaron shell with a healthy filling of Nutella buttercream on the inside. Made by our French technique baker in San Francisco.

Chewy. And never too crunchy. Properly filled. Never over or under. Solid puffs that are never too bubbly or frilly and noticeable substance— never too airy or delicate.

The macarons are fully baked and ready to eat. We prefer to eat them frozen. But if you'd like them chilled instead, we recommend thawing overnight in fridge.

Shell: Egg whites, Sugar, Almond flour
Filling: Unsalted butter, Nutella

Calories 60; Total Fat 3.5g; Sodium 0mg; Total Carbohydrates 8g; Total Sugars 7g; Protein 1g

How does it ship?
This product ships frozen with dry ice. Do NOT touch dry ice with your bare hands under any condition as it can easily burn skin.

When will it ship?
Most orders placed will ship the same day, or the following day at the latest.

What is the shelf life?
All Essential food products have a shelf life of up to 6 months in the freezer.

The French-technique Bakery in SF

Bernard and Michelle opened their cafe in the heart of San Francisco in 1999, and it has been a beloved local gem since. Their french pastries are shamelessly indulgent, and are baked fresh every day.

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