The Essential

Japanese Chef Knife

8" blade

The World's Most Versatile Blade.

Ultralight. Insanely thin. Remarkably sharp.
Made by a 150-year old Japanese Mill.
As a single piece of sculpted steel.

The World's Most Versatile Blade Shape

Say hi to the Gyuto — the Japanese version of the Western Chef knife.

The Gyuto's pointed blade tip is perfect for precision cuts while the flat heel is great for ‘rock chopping.’ Meanwhile, any portion can be used to ‘push’, or ‘pull’ cut. In other words, throw out the other knives. 

The Gyuto is all you really need.

A Single Piece of High-carbon Steel

These aren't renderings. Our knife is just a single piece of high-carbon steel,  expertly polished so the handle and blade have a complete different feel and effect.

A unique wet-grinding makes the blade shinier, thinner and sharper than any knife on your countertop— while a matte metallic brushing gives the handle natural traction and a velvety hand-feel.

Ultralight Weight + Ultrathin Blade

Stronger steel makes a thinner blade possible. And a steel unibody means that there are no heavy plastics in the hollow handle. As a result, the balance point sits further forward towards the tip and creates an unbelievably light knife that feels better, moves smoother and cuts faster.