British Columbia Spot Prawn
British Columbia Spot Prawn
British Columbia Spot Prawn
British Columbia Spot Prawn
British Columbia Spot Prawn
British Columbia Spot Prawn
British Columbia Spot Prawn
British Columbia Spot Prawn

British Columbia Spot Prawn

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There is no better prawn on the planet than a spot prawn from Canada’s west coast. Prized by Michelin chefs for their natural sweetness and limited seasonality, BC-Caught Spot Prawn is succulent in texture, sweet on the tongue, and always in demand.

Fun Fact: British Columbia Spot Prawns are such a delicacy, The Chef’s Table Society hosts its very own “Spot Prawn Festival” in Vancouver every year.

Spot prawn season opens strictly in the early Summer for just 40 days in BC. Unlike commercial industry practice, BC Spot Prawns are trap caught with size-dependent traps and selected by hand.

This ensures that the prawns are the meatiest possible– and that they’ve spawned before fisheries open to protect future generations to come. This incredibly unique harvesting method makes this Spot Prawn unlike any other. It's why BC Caught spot prawns were endorsed by Seachoice as a “smart choice” seafood and why Oceanwise named the BC spot prawn a shining star amongst sustainable seafood options.

BC Spot Prawns are flash frozen to retain peak freshness– so you can enjoy them at their prime even after Spot Prawn season.

Remove from vacuum sealed package.
Defrost overnight in the fridge.

The Chefs Turned Fishmongers

Adrian and Ismael started their careers as chefs. After traveling to coastal towns around the world, they became frustrated to return home to seafood that was less sweet and less pristine, despite their location right on the Pacific Coast. They wanted to do things a little differently. So they took things into their own hands. They both quit their and started buying and distributing pristine, fresh-caught seafood from sources that only other chefs knew.

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